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Welcome Back
Composed by
Lyrics by Bruno Mars
Phiip Lawrence
John Powell
Performed by Bruno Mars
Produced by Bruno Mars
John Powell
Release date(s)
Running time 1 minute 8 seconds
Language English
Other information Bruno Mars performs courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation


Rio 2 Welcome Back 20th Century Fox

Roberto singing "Welcome Back"


Rio 2 Soundtrack - Track 4 - Welcome Back by Bruno Mars


"Welcome Back" is a song in Rio 2 performed by Bruno Mars. In the movie, it is sung by Roberto to celebrate Jewel's return to the Spix's Macaw Tribe in the Amazon.


Look at her shining
Her feathers, they glow
Now the jungle is smiling
'Cause our baby's home

Can you feel what I feel?
The day has come at last
Our precious Jewel has returned
I'll be the first to say, "Welcome back"

Oh, welcome back...
I said welcome, welcome, welcome...


  • The word "Jewel" in one of the lines of the song, "Our precious Jewel has returned", may have two meanings: One, it could refer to Jewel herself, or referring to Jewel as "a jewel", as in "precious".
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