Toucan Kids
Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Character information
Species Toco Toucan/Keel-billed Toucan hybrid.
Gender Males and Females
Feather/Hair/Skin color Black bodies
Cream chests
Orange beaks
Eyes Black
Friends Rafael (father)
Eva (mother)
Fate Living
Quote "Attack!"

Manoela, Sofia, Marco, and Carlos are among the 21 children of Rafael and Eva. They are rambunctious troublemakers, attacking Blu and Jewel on sight, and shaking their unhatched egg brother. They are playful, and love their father so much that they even use him as a playground. They are all equally mischievous and one of them have a tendency to pluck feathers out of other birds' plumages. They are scared to death of their mother as they fearfully scream and fly away hastily from their father when he asks them if they want him to call her. Like most children, they exhibit disgust when their parents kiss.



At first, only two of the kids appear. They fly over to Blu and Jewel, asking for hugs. When they accept, one of them starts to pull Blu's plumage feathers out, and a third sneaks up on Jewel from behind, then climbs onto her head and pulls at her eyelids. The rest of the toucans then come at the pair, bringing them down and attacking them.

They stop when Rafael comes out of his nest, playing around him instead, even as he talks to Blu and Jewel. At that point, they also play with the then unborn child in the egg. Rafael stops their antics by threatening to call their mother. When Jewel reveals that Blu cannot fly, Rafael almost reconsiders taking them to Luiz, but on seeing the kids harassing their mother, he decides to go for it.

In the final scene of Rio, three newborn toucans take part in the "Real in Rio" song, providing back-up vocals to their father's line of "Rhythm you feel in your heart,".

Rio: Snakes Alive!

The kids aren't seen, yet are mentioned by their father. As Rafael, Nico, and Pedro attempt to find Carla, Bia, and Tiago in a (what they assume is) game of hide and seek, Rafael asks Blu and Jewel's kids to come out and tell him their secret hiding spot so that he can hide from his own eighteen kids.

Known Characters

  • Marco
  • Carlos
  • Manoela
  • Sofia
  • Rita (Junior Novel)
  • Miguel(Junior Novel)


Since their voice actors are uncredited, but may have been in the additional credits, it is possible, but unconfirmed, that they may have been voiced by at least two of the director's daughters. One of them is named after the director, Carlos Saldanha, and two are named after his children, Manoela and Sofia, one of whom may have voiced one of them, and the other, Sofia Scarpa Saldanha, voiced Linda Gunderson as a little girl. Also, another was named Marco.


  • When Blu and Jewel first met Rafael he said he had eighteen kids, but only eight were shown in the film, with one still an egg.
  • All of the toucan kids look almost exactly like their father except for their small size, and their cream-colored, red-rimmed lower bellies, which they got from their mother.
  • Rafael claims that they can sense fear.
  • One of the kids likes to pluck feathers; his parents don't know why he does that, but Rafael says they're "having him tested."
  • In the junior novel, two of them are named as Miguel and Rita.


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