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Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Jeffrey Garcia
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Smuggler (formerly)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Fair skin
Brown hair
Eyes Brown
Friends Armando
Enemies Blu
Tulio Monteiro
Linda Gunderson
Fate Imprisoned

Tipa is one of the smugglers and one of the two secondary human antagonists (alongside Armando) of Rio. He is one of the smugglers who steals Blu, Jewel, a Bat and various other birds. He is arrested for smuggling sometime after their plane crashed, along with Marcel and Armando.


He isn't very intelligent being dumber then Armando, and loves watching soccer on TV along with Armando. Unlike his cohorts, Tipa is not very hostile or vicious. In fact, he is quite fun-loving. While he and Armando were chasing Blu and Jewel, he got distracted by a televised soccer match. He was probably the one that came up with the idea to paint two chickens blue, in a poor attempt at subterfuge so Marcel wouldn't know the Blue Macaws escaped, and the idea to create the chicken float at the Sambadrome during the Carnival.

When he and Armando are told to do something like feeding Nigel, they play rock, paper, scissors to decide who does it. After one such match (In which Tipa won by choosing rock over Armando's scissors), Armando quickly makes up an excuse by saying that "scissors cuts rock" when it is clear that Tipa has won and that Armando is the one who has to feed Nigel. Tipa ends up feeding Nigel and commenting with disgust on Nigel's "cannibalism" appetite of eating chicken meat.

Tipa really likes Fernando, it is shown when he asked Marcel's permission to keep him, but Marcel refuses. Later, it is then shown that he asked Armando's permission to let Fernando join them on the chicken float when he had (secretly) taken Linda and Tulio to their hideout. Armando reluctantly agrees, and they have him act as an egg-boy at Carnival.

After escaping from their falling plane, Tipa, Armando and Marcel end up in prison indefinitely.


Tipa is a short, obese man with a short haircut and stubble on his face. He wears a red and white soccer shirt and gray trousers. For the Carnival parade, he dons a chicken-styled outfit with lots of feathers.


  • Aviation piloting


  • "That you were gonna pay him half as much as you said?"
  • "Goldfish...?"
  • "Aw, can we keep him boss?"
  • "So, what's going to happen to those birds?"
  • "Aw man, how come you always win?"
  • "Nice birdie... here you go."
  • "Ugh, cannibal."
  • "They outsmarted us boss, but don't worry, we'll get them back; I have a plan."
  • "Well, anything sounds dumb when you say it like that."
  • "But it's Carnival; all the roads will be blocked by the parade."
  • "Yeah, well, if he's so smart, then why don't you put him in charge?"
  • "We made a float."
  • "Where did I put it? I thought it was right here?"
  • "There it is, got it."
  • "Can he ride on the plane with us too?"
  • "Come on Fernando, dance."
  • "I think they like my moves."
  • "Hey, keep dancing, egg-boy!"
  • "Hey, Marcel, can we do this again next year?"
  • "Please, please?"
  • "Can I drive next year too?"
  • "Come on, kid."
  • "We're the best."
  • "Wow, look at the detail on that thing."

Quotes From The Junior Novel

  • "Houseplant?"
  • "Wait I thought I won!"
  • "Well I shoulda picked scissors!"


  • Tipa may have previously undergone aviation training as he has sufficient skills to pilot a plane.
  • Tipa’s name (as well as his cohort Armando) is never mentioned in the film it was revealed in the credits.
  • In the novel it says Houseplant instead of goldfish. Tipa then asks to keep him in both novels but in both Marcel says No.


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