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Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games Angry Birds Rio
Matching Game
Voice Miriam Wallen (Rio)
Kate Micucci (Rio 2)
Jennifer Montague (Rio: Match 3 Party)
Character information
Species Small Sphere|Sphaera Minimus
Gender Female
Feather/Hair/ Skin color White body
Black and white wings
Green head
Eyes Brown
Friends Blu
Enemies Nigel
The Marmosets
Fate Living
Quote "...And handsome too?"

Tiny (also known as Green Bird in Rio) is a Baby Sphere aka "Sphaera Minimus", also know and one of the patrons of Nico and Pedro's samba club. When Mauro and his henchmen interrupted the birds' dancing, she was scared, "hiding" between Kipo's feet, and proclaiming meekly, "I don't know what's going on here!" After the birds' battle with the monkeys, she tried to fly away but was captured and interrogated by Nigel to tell him where Blu and Jewel were headed. After she told him that he was nice and handsome, Nigel threw her at Mauro's head, knocking him out as he was rising to his feet.

In Angry Birds Rio's Smuggler's Den level, it seems that she and/or her relatives are captured in cages.

She is briefly seen in Rio 2 babysitting Bia, Carla, and Tiago, but they tied her to a firework out of mischief. When a thrown match ignites a small ember on Blu's tail, setting off the fireworks, Blu unties her just before it launches, but accidentally gets caught himself, promptly launching himself into the night sky with the firework, getting scorched when the firework goes off, landing beside Jewel, Carla, Bia and Tiago which were perched on the arm of Christ the Redeemer's statue.


Befitting her name, Tiny is very small and short, with a rounded body. She has large, brown eyes, and a bright green upper body, and a fading green color on her lower body, with a few feathers sticking up on her head.


Timid and a little cowardly, Tiny is also quiet and jumpy. She is quite meek and usually hides from conflict. She isn't a very responsible bird, allowing Bia, Carla, and Tiago to tie her to a rocket and allowing them to handle fireworks and matches. She doesn't think before she speaks sometimes.


  • What Nigel did to Tiny spoofs Angry Birds Rio. The game involves shooting round birds at marmosets who use crates for cover. In Rio, Nigel threw Tiny, a round Bird, at Mauro, the leader of the marmosets who uses crates for cover.
  • She is seen at the New Year's celebration in the Rio 2 movie tied to a rocket before being released by Blu.
    • However, when Blu releases Tiny he gets stuck himself.
  • In Rio, she was officially referred to as the "Green Bird" during the credits.



  • Tiny: "I don't know what's going on here!"
  • Tiny: "I don't know anything, HELP!"
  • Tiny: "They escaped, went to Luiz."
  • Tiny: "They said you were very nice."
  • Tiny: "And handsome too?"
  • Tiny: "Ahhh!!!!"

Rio 2

  • Tiny: "I'm a terrible babysitter."
  • Tiny: "I don't think your parents would like this very much."
  • Tiny: "You don't have to pay me, Señor Blu."

Rio: Match 3 Party

  • "Oh! Hi! Good news?"
  • "Ah! Giant hands! Giant human hands!"
  • "Everyone tries to walk all over me."
  • "I'm terrible at parties. Terrible. The worst!"
  • Ah! Oh. Whew! You're a friend."
  • "Huh? What? That wasn't me. I swear."
  • "I give up! I give up!"
  • "Careful! Please don't squash me."
  • Hi!. Um. Hi. You think I could hide out with you?"
  • "Uh, you're not going to give me anything too hard, right?"
  • "I'm so small, and this jungle is so large... Ah!"
  • "Ah! Oh... You scared me."




Rio 2