• Rio 2 poster it's on in the amazon

    It has the highest resolution and it's the most detailed picture of all the Spix's Macaw characters.

    Determining the correct solid eye color for each character is a very challenging task and difficult to do.  Dispute over the eyes  color often happen between editors as every characters' eye can appear more than 5-10 different solid color shades and people see them differently.

    To make us all agree and stand on the same point, I would like all of us to be the one who determine the most correct or the most precise solid eye color for the characters, starting with the members of Spix's Macaw Family.

    I use this image as my sample as it's possibly the largest image on Rio Wiki with the highest detail of all. And what I did was that I took the photo and took the color samples from the areas of the eyes and interpret them into solid colors. Note: Adobe Photoshop CS5 was my software of choice. 

    These are the solid colors that the program had computed. The eyes were actually in gradient, so the mean shades had to be taken. 

    Blu (#BE6D28)
    Jewel (#029AD0)
    Bia (#F8C565)
    Carla (#058A60)
    Tiago (#A97F49)

    Do you guys agree with my solid colors? Please give comment so that we can all participate in determining the colors. 



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    • I'm not much of an artist, but those colors look alright to me.

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    • There are some differents with darker or brighter shades, so you cannot find a 100% conclusion of it. But all in all I agree with this choice of colours. They should include the main section of their eye colours.

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    • Eyes color is something confusing, I would especially remark Jewel´s eyes, I´ve seen images where her eyes color goes from green to blue. I personally think those colors you suggest are fine.

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    • These choices of eye colors are fine because I know that you can't get the right shades of light and dark; but overall, the eye colors are accurate.

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    • Well colors depend on the type of shading, but yeah, these look AOK

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    • They look about perfect, but I think Carla could have gone a tad lighter.

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    • I think their all good :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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