Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Bernardo de Paula
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Medium skin
Brown hair
Eyes Brown
Friends Tulio
Enemies Nigel
Fate Living
Quote "Come here, poor little birdie."

Sylvio is the best security guard at Tulio's aviary. He is also a huge fan of Carnival and spends as much time as he can dancing the samba. He is voiced by Bernardo de Paula, who also voiced Kipo in the same film.


When Tulio took Linda out to dinner, he had a very serious faced Sylvio stand guard over Blu and Jewel. Sylvio emphasises his guard abilities by pinning a fly to a wall with a pencil. However, he was tricked by Nigel into thinking the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo was injured, and once he was close enough, Nigel used a rag filled with chloroform to knock him out and steal his keys, resulting in the theft of Blu and Jewel. He later reported this incident to Tulio and then the police, inadvertently knocking himself out as he re-enacted the scene. The Police Officer was also knocked out after smelling the rag.

During the credits, a photo is shown of him dancing with Luiz. This suggests that Sylvio may be his owner, or have adopted him.


  • A man resembling Sylvio is seen on the beach after Blu and Jewel's failed attempt at flying together. The man may be Sylvio, or may just be a recycled character model.
  • Sylvio threw a pencil at fly with impeccable accuracy, pinning it against a wall.
  • There was a goof with Sylvio. When he was dancing, he had nothing on his wrist, but when he went to talk outside to a police officer later, he had Carnival wrist bands on his wrists.



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