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The Smugglers' Float is a vehicle featured in Rio. It was used by The Smugglers during Carnival to avoid getting caught while attempting to transport the smuggled birds to a nearby abandoned airport.

Role in Rio

It was first mentioned by Tipa when he said "We made a float" while talking to Fernando in their hideout. During the Carnival parade, Tipa and Armando shoddily disguised a truck to look like a chicken float. They dress up as chickens while Fernando dresses up as an egg. Marcel, very disappointed in the float's appearance says "Oh, boy." when he first sees it, and then sees Fernando and calls them idiots to himself even more disappointed, but still decides to drive it.

The crowd's reaction to the Smugglers' Float

They get booed during the parade by Carnival attendees due to their poorly decorated float, and poor dancing skills. Tipa and Armando continue to dance (ignorant of their terrible moves), but Marcel, filled with shame, hides his face to the public and continues to drive.

Jewel is locked inside the float in a cage by Nigel, and is later accompanied by Nico, Pedro and Rafael who all tried to rescue her. Blu then manages to get inside the float, but is also locked inside a cage by the evil Cockatoo, Nigel, who waited for him patiently.

Marcel then congratulates him "Yes! Well done, Nigel!" before heading to the airport with the smuggled birds. While heading to the airport, Fernando intentionally drops materials from the chicken float to help Linda and Tulio follow them.


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