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Samba de Orly
Composed by Chico Buarque
Lyrics by
Performed by Bebel Gilberto
Produced by
Release date(s)
Running time 2 minutes 47 seconds
Language Portuguese
Other information Information about this song's credits is severely limited due to lack of reliable sources.

Music track 3 - Samba De Orly (cool down)-0

"Samba de Orly" is the twelfth song featured in the soundtrack of Rio.

The song was composed by Chico Buarque, on his 1971 album Construção and performed by Bebel Gilberto for the Rio soundtrack.

It is a bonus track, and doesn't appear in the film.

Portuguese Lyrics

Vai, meu irmão
Pega esse avião
Você tem razão
De correr assim desse frio, mas beija
O meu Rio de Janeiro
Antes que um aventureiro Lance mão
Pede perdão pela duração
Dessa temporada
Mas não diga nada
Que me viu chorando
E pros da pesada
Diz que vou levando
Vê como é que anda aquela vida à toa
E se puder me manda uma notícia boa


Go on, my brother
Get that plane
You’re right
For running away like this from this cold, but kiss
My Rio de Janeiro
Before some opportunist makes a grab
Beg pardon for the duration
Of this season
But don’t say anything
About seeing me crying
And tell the tough ones
That I’m carrying on
Go see how that easy life is going
And if you can, send me back some good news