Samba club
Samba Club
Background information
Type Dance Club
Level N/A
Location Rio de Janeiro
Inhabitants The flocks (Club is owned by Nico, Pedro, and Kipo).

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Jewel singing during "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)"

The Samba Club is Nico and Pedro's music club, which is made out of crates and covered with a tarp, and hidden nearby a Fruit Stand at the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio.

Nico and Pedro take Blu, Jewel, and Rafael there after they barely miss meeting Luiz. Nico and Pedro introduce the new arrivals, then sing the song "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)." During the course of the song, Blu discovers his inner rhythm radiating from within his heart, exactly the same type from which he experienced before he was captured by smugglers as a chick. Winning Jewel over with his moves, the two dance together, quickly falling in rhythm, culminating in Jewel, after being launched into the air by Blu and singing, enchanting Blu. Just as Blu and Jewel were about to kiss, the tarp was pulled off by Mauro and his marmoset minions. After a brief standoff, a battle ensues, with Blu and friends managing to escape, Blu with the help of Kipo and Nico. Afterwards, Nigel interrogates Mauro, who was still dazed, and sifts through the wreckage, and catching a green bird, catching a house finch named Tiny, and interrogates her to tell him where Blu and Jewel went.


  • When Blu and Jewel first enter the Samba club, Nico says, "Welcome to Paradise!". It is speculated, but not verified if the club's name is "Paradise," or just a figure of speech.
  • The musical instruments in the club are made of bottles and cans, while tarps shield the club from daylight and provide "disco lighting". The club is also near The Fruit Stand, and the stage is constructed with crates.
  • In The Art of Rio: Featuring a Carnival of Art From Rio and Rio 2, the club is confirmed to be run by Nico and Pedro.
    • However, in Rio: The Junior Novel, the club is said to be run by Kipo and in the movie, the samba club is ran by Nico, Pedro, and Kipo, stirring up possible confusion.


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