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General Rules

Category Policy sample

Category page layout


Categories are used to sort out and arrange pages into groups whose descriptions and titles explains what that particular category is. Categories can help the viewers to browse for similar pages and navigate them more effectively around Rio Wiki. A category should be used to group only pages that strictly follow its description.

New Category

  1. Category should be able to group more than 5 pages together as too narrow category isn't useful and too small (1-4 pages in the category) for what a category should be.
    Example - Category:Toucan Family is a too narrow and impractical category as only 4 pages can be suitably added to it - Rafael, Eva, Toucan Kids and Toucan Family.
  2. New category shouldn't group pages in a way that repeats any of the pre-exisitng categories.
    Example - Category:Heroes repeats the pre-existing Category:Protagonists by having the same pages added to it as Category:Protagonist had did to its own.  

Category Description and Title

  1. Category name or title must conform with the correspondence of pages used to add pages into that particular category.
  2. Category name or title must be specific and clear in which everyone can understand how this category groups pages together.
  3. Category description can be used to further describe that category.
    Example - Category:Female birds's category description says "Female characters that are birds".
  4. Category description must clearly describe about the correspondence of that category which is used to add pages into that category.
    Example - Category:Characters in Rio 2's category description says "Characters that appear in Rio 2".

Adding a Page to a Category

  1. The page added to a category should strictly follow its category description.
    Example - Blu shouldn't be added to Category:Angry Birds Rio Levels as it doesn't follow the category description which it says "Angry Birds Rio Levels".


Subcategory example

Veen Diagram showing Category:Characters sub-categorizing Category:Characters in Rio 2 and Category:Characters in Rio

  1. Subcategory can happen when all pages within a category is also in an even larger category with also other pages apart from the sub-categorized ones.
    Example - Category:Characters in Rio and Category:Characters in Rio 2 are subcategories of the larger Category:Characters.

Ghost Category

A ghost category is an empty category page without any contents of its own such as a category description but there are articles or pages added to that particular category. All ghost categories are demanded to have a well-explained category description or otherwise all the pages added to the category will be instantly discharged.

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