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Deleted Characters

Learn more from the early story of Rio & Rio 2

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Rio 2

Jewel, Blu, and their three kids leave their domesticated life in that magical city.

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Real in Rio

See and read about the real-life filming locations in the magical city of Rio

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Sing along with the characters of Rio

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Blu is a domesticated Spix's Macaw who cannot fly. He lives happily with his owner and best friend, Linda in Moose Lake, Minnesota. One day, an ornithologist named Tulio visits, revealing that Blu is the last male of his kind, and must go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to mate with the last female in order to save their species. On arrival at Tulio's Aviary. Blu learns that his proposed mate, Jewel, is more interested in returning to the wild.When the two are kidnapped by the smugglers and chained to each other, they need to work together to escape.With Blu trying to get back to his dearest partner, Linda, and Jewel wishing to return to the wild where she belongs, a wild adventure begins. Joined by many new friends, facing numerous foes along the way, Blu was starting to learn that he just might be able to fly, if he listens to the rhythm of his heart. Read the full story here.
Synopsis by The Nth Doctor (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) and Purio (Talk - Contributions - Editcount)

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx,, George Lopez, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jemaine Clement, Jake T. Austin, Tracy Morgan Casting by: Christian Kaplan, CSA Music by: John Powell Edited by: Harry Hitner Art Director: Thomas Cardone Story by: Carlos Saldanha and Earl Richey Jones & Todd Jones Screenplay by: Don Rhymer and Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia and Sam Harper Produced by: Bruce Anderson, John C. Donkin Executive Producer: Chris Wedge Executive Music Producer: Sergio Mendes Directed by: Carlos Saldanha

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Everyone's favorite blue macaws return as Blu, Jewel, their three children and the gang venture into the Amazon after hearing news of a blue macaw tribe living there. Once they arrive, Blu has to contend with his disapproving father-in-law Eduardo (voiced by Andy García), and Jewel's suave childhood friend, Roberto (voiced by Bruno Mars). Will the tamed and domesticated Blu be able to overcome these challenges awaiting him in the wild? As if that wasn't bad enough, their old enemy Nigel isn't far behind from taking his revenge on our blue macaw friend. Read the full story here.
Synopsis by The Nth Doctor (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) and Purio (Talk - Contributions - Editcount)

Starring:Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement, Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Mann, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Bruno Mars,, Andy García and Jamie Foxx Casting by: Christian Kaplan, CSA Story by: Don Rhymer and Carlos Saldanha Produced by: Bruce Anderson, John C. Donkin Directed by: Carlos Saldanha

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Jewel's childhood friend, Eduardo's wingman and the hearthrob of the Spix's macaw tribe, Roberto is a new character in Rio 2 who stirs up Blu's jealousy. With an impressive wingspan, curtain of silky head feathers and a beautiful singing voice, Roberto seems to be the perfect specimen of a wild bird. A singer, a dancer, and all suaveness and confidence, Roberto is the complete opposite of Blu in almost every way. However, Roberto is not so perfect afterall; under the surface, there is a hidden secret. He is voiced by the award-winning singer Bruno Mars, and even sings a song in Rio 2, Welcome Back.
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Written by Sorrelflower (message - contributions - editcount)

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Did you know that Amazon Rainforest is the largest and the most species-rich area of that kind on the world? The basin covers more than 7,000,000 square kilometers, of which about 5,500,000 square kilometers are covered by rainforests! That's more than one half of all the rainforests in the world! The major characteristic is the very high biodiversity in the entire region - it is home to about 2.5 million insect species, tons of plants species, and almost 2,000 mammals and birds. One fifth of the bird species and one fifth of the fish species live within Amazon Rainforest. However, continued deforestation and poaching can annihilate this full-of-life area, what somewhat happens to be a part of Rio 2.
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Written by Anonim (message - contributions - editcount)

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Been busy uploading Rio and Rio 2 video examples to TV Tropes

It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been active here recently especially since I am afraid I am the only one who uploads video examples from those movies (In fact it’s pretty much the reason why I joined the site as I got really fed up not seeing …

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SnowCat101 SnowCat101 5 July


Hello I am new to this wiki.

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All Rio Deleted/Extra Videos!

hello this is your roberto-ish Spix/Scarlet macaw speaking *squawk*

Have you got a chance to go check either 1, 2 or 3 because Rio Extra/Deleted Videos Part 4 is now out on Youtube! We now have a total of 53M and 28S! that is almost a full hour of ju…

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منتظر دي جي

منتظر دي جي هو عازف اغاني دي جي وهو احد عازفي و محرري اغاني فيلم ريو

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