Rio Read & Play app
Rio Read & Play (ver. 1.0.1)
Background information
Developers Cupcake Digital Inc.
Blue Sky Studios
20th Century Fox
Publisher Cupcake Digital Inc.
Characters Blu
Supported Platforms Android

Rio Read & Play
Rio Read & Play App for Kids

Rio Read & Play App for Kids

is a mobile application launched by Cupcake Digital Inc. based on its featured film Rio. It's the official app for the movie developed under the partnership with 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.

This application, packed with fun interactive games and activities, is the guide through the story of Blu as he travels to the city of Rio de Janeiro where he meets the lovely Jewel. Joyful narrative story filled with images, action-packed games and scenes coloring are now all in this one application, Rio Read & Play.

Inside this interactive applications features:

  • Deluxe storybook bringing to life all the action and characters from the movie.
  • The addictive Jewel's Gems: Mix-and-match the gem and keep your score ahead of others.
  • Blu's Rescue: Blu's en route to save his dear love Jewel. Fly with him through the tropical rain forest. Look for the jumpy monkeys.
  • Bring original and let your artistic flows with in the coloring activity full of stickers and features.
  • Features Rio's trailer.

Narrated Story

Read the narrated story of Blu's adventure in Rio.

Rio Read & Play app Narrated Story

Match the Gems

Mix-and-match sparkling gems to score in this game!

Rio Read & Play app Match the Gems

Rescue Jewel

Fly with Blu through a tropical rainforest to save Jewel, but watch out for those jumping monkeys!

Paint & Create

Paint, colour and add stickers in Rio-themed colouring pages!

Rio Read & Play app Paint&Create

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