During an interview, Carlos Saldanha conditioned the third movie to the success of Rio 2 :

  • “I have tons of ideas. Once you’ve connected with the characters, you have so many stories to tell. It’s like our family – you can write books about your family. It doesn’t take much work. That’s the territory I tap into and I know there’s plenty more to tell. It all depends on how the schedules shape up. I’m already scheduled to direct other films. If people enjoy this one, maybe we’ll think about a third."

Another interview from CRI English on Rio 2 impressions and a new film (not Rio 3). Although viewers who have seen "Rio 2" are anticipating "Rio 3" and further sequels, Saldanha said that he's working on a new animated movie, adapted from a very famous American book.

  • "I haven't thought too much about a sequel to "Rio 2." But I'm working on another animated movie called "The Story of Ferdinand (the Bull)." See more

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