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Rio 2: The Junior Novel
Publication Details
Author Christa Roberts
Release Date March 25, 2014
Publisher Harper Collins
ISBN 9780062285041
Language English
Number of pages 144
Publication Order
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Rio 2: The Junior Novel is a written, but more descriptive version of its featured film Rio 2, showing how the characters feel towards a situation.

The book follows Blu, Jewel, and the rest of the gang as they fly into the Amazon Rainforest in search of more Spix's Macaw, along the way we meet Gabi and Charlie who are now sided with Nigel, as well as Eduardo, Jewel's very judgmental father, Roberto, Jewel's childhood, but very suave, friend, and Mimi, the only bird that opened up her kind and loving wings to our most favorite domesticated friend, Blu.

The novel retells the whole exciting story and features eight pages of full-color images from the film.

Additional/Diverging Content

The book has scenes and information that are sometimes slightly different or even absent in the movie (and vice versa):

  • During their New Year's dance, Blu narrowly avoids stepping on Jewel's toe.
  • Blu and Jewel's "one and only" exchange is stated to be a running joke between them.
  • Blu dodges a glob of Luiz's spit when he and Jewel rush over to him.
  • When Carla mentions smelling chicken, Tiago adds "I could eat."
  • After Linda witnesses a piranha eating a butterfly, Tulio comments on "the savage beauty of the circle of life."
  • Jewel observes humans rushing about on her way back home, and feels lucky to be a bird.
  • Fernando is said to be sixteen years old now.
  • Tiago doesn't get hit by the pancake, which instead splatters against the wall.
  • At breakfast, Bia and Carla are able to anticipate their parents' conversation via their facial tics.
  • After Eva's catastrophic singing in Nico and Pedro's auditions, Pedro mutters "In Ecuador, maybe" instead of Antarctica.
  • A Spoonbill (possibly Kipo) arrives at Nico and Pedro's auditions before Blu crashed over him after slipping on Luiz's drool. When Blu tells his friends about the Amazon, they set off to the garage roof to talk, leaving the Spoonbill angry for missing his turn on the auditions. He stomps on the car hood, that opens, slamming him in the face.
  • Instead of Pedro (as in the film) Rafael is the one who declares that Blu will die in the Amazon, Nico adds "Too bad. Nice guy."
  • Bia's book isn't in pop-up form; she shows Blu an actual photograph of an anaconda "bulging with its last meal."
  • Blu mimicking the GPS's voice makes Jewel laugh.
  • On the way to the Amazon, the group stops by at the bell tower of the cathedral in Ouro Preto. Carla wasn't paying attention to the view, only listening to her iPod and Tiago rang the bell, scaring everyone.
  • When Nigel makes his escape, Charlie eats some fire ants. They cause him intense pain, but also give him a burst of energy, causing him to break the table leg his leash is tied to.
  • As they sail down the Amazon River, Jewel remarks how she was worried she wouldn't remember what it was like to be in the wild, but the smells and sounds are bringing it all back for her.
  • While traveling the waters by the riverboat, Tiago started making monkey sounds, which the monkeys from the jungle replied to. Nico and Pedro got inspired, and started beat-boxing and singing. The whole family joined, making sounds that the jungle animals called back to.
  • The term "Tic Tac" is used instead of "mint."
  • Rather than accidentally hit the foghorn button as he did in the film, Charlie licks an ant off a woman's foot, waking her up and scaring her.
  • Charlie, Nigel, and Gabi slept in the life-preserver before waking up in the morning, then Charlie simulated a motor with his tongue and followed Blu to the jungle.
  • When Jewel reunited with her father, Eduardo said she looked just like her mother, to which Jewel looked hopefully at him, but the look he gave her back was enough to make her understand that she was gone. He hugged her in comfort.
  • Bia is the one who asks Jewel if she's okay, as opposed to Carla.
  • When Eduardo called the whole tribe to inform about Jewel's return, he sat on a branch with Blu, where the two had a small talk. He said that when he first saw him he thought he was a "wimpy-winged bird," but that he isn't. He then called Mimi and introduced him to her, who called Blu cute.
  • When Eduardo and Roberto call each other "the bird" back and forward, the one to interrupt them is Blu, suggesting that they were both "the bird." The two stared at Blu in silence in an awkward situation, until the music started playing and Jewel said she could remember it.
  • When the tribe celebrates Jewel's return, Mimi briefly dances with Blu, spinning him around so fast he turns green.
  • When the tribe was dancing and Blu gave up trying to fit in, Tiago came to him and told him to join in. Blu said it was okay, he was good, and that they should go have fun.
  • When Nigel was spying on the Spix's Macaw tribe over Charlie's head (who was holding to a tree with his tongue), Charlie saw ants and, when he stretched out to reach them, lost balance, and they all fell off the tree.
  • When Carla first tries to participate in the recruiting and judging of the contestants to the Carnival party, she claims to know the youth market, and that Nico, Pedro, and Rafael were kinda old.
  • When Jewel and Roberto finished dancing, Jewel questioned when she last had this much fun, as to which Blu replies, "New Year's Eve, maybe?"
  • After telling Blu about his dream of a flock of "little Robertos", Roberto smiles at Jewel, causing Blu's eyes to narrow.
  • After the capybaras are eaten by piranha, Rafael asks the survivor if the act is a "one-time thing."
  • The next morning, after scaring Blu with a Spider, Tiago had a fly race with his mother.
  • Jewel eats some fruit, splattering it over her beak, to Blu's shock.
  • Eduardo mentions Blu's fanny pack "corrupting" the tribe. When Blu scoffs at this, Jewels asks him to remember how she was when they first met. Blu replies "Rude, violent, borderline psychotic," to Jewel's amusement. Jewel tells Blu to try to be "culturally sensitive" while they're with the tribe.
  • The scene where Nigel makes his audition, and his subsequent plan to kill Blu, takes place before Eduardo trains Blu in jungle survival.
  • Nigel intentionally dons his leaf disguise, rather than gain it accidentally, as he did in the film.
  • Peri is a Blue-and-gold Macaw, rather than a Spix's Macaw.
  • During the training scene, the "trap test" takes place before Eduardo makes Blu jump across alligators, and Eduardo adds to it by adding oncoming jaguars to the hypothetical situation.
  • In the Brazil nut scene, Eduardo talks about how a little seed can grow into a mighty tree. Blu tries to eat a nut, but it gets jammed in his beak, leaving him mumbling when he tries to introduce himself to Felipe.
  • The humans that pass by Blu and Eduardo, instead of being loggers, are actually Linda and Tulio. When Blu tries to say that they are "good people," Eduardo insists that "there are no good people."
  • Instead of sharing a call, Roberto and Tiago perform a head butt and wing bump.
  • Roberto's reaction to learning humans are near is more nervous than it is in the movie.
  • Eduardo tells Roberto to keep an eye on Blu, and to make sure he doesn't leave the tribe.
  • Blu is bothered by a mosquito instead of a fly.
  • When Eduardo expresses his frustrations toward Blu's behavior, he actually does so to Mimi (instead of Roberto), who tells Eduardo that she liked him and that he should give him a chance.
  • Charlie was practicing dance moves before the show, Nigel was judging him hard, repeating the move sequence again and again. Gabi then asks Nigel if he knew of a story about a couple with forbidden love, as he replies with "Romeo and Juliet." He told her how they both die in the end, and she said she's never before heard anything more romantic.
  • Blu dreams of Jewel and Roberto. They lean towards each other for a kiss, but he wakes up right before it happens.
  • When Linda confronts the loggers, she and Tulio escape, but they are followed. They are later trapped by them.
  • Instead of being the water boy at the air soccer game, Blu is put on the bench with some "loser birds." There are no commentators, and the referee marks the goals with red berries.
  • After the loss at the Pit of Doom, Jewel suggests that Eduardo and Roberto can help Blu. Blu loses his temper, stating that he's had enough of Roberto, and that Eduardo hates him.
  • When Blu arrives at Linda and Tulio's campsite, he finds a picture of his family with Linda and Tulio. He realises he's been a fool and briefly cries.
  • When Roberto follows Blu and believes he's a traitor, he yells at him that he had everything and yet he does "this." Blu is confused and asks what he has, since Roberto's the one with the looks and voice. Roberto replies he has a family, and that he would give anything to be Blu. Roberto also displays a metal band on his leg as proof of his time as a captive.
  • Eduardo and Mimi discuss about what they could do about the loss of the Brazil nut grove. Roberto arrives, panicking, and Eduardo slaps him. He explains about the loggers and the macaws decide to leave. But Jewel won't go with them, because she'll go after Blu. Eduardo agrees. Before they leave, Roberto panicked again and this time Mimi hits him, leaving him wondering why everyone keeps doing that.
  • Blu and Jewel don't reunite until much later than in the film. Jewel flies off to look for him on her own (gently declining Tiago's offer to come with her), and is the one to find and free Linda and Tulio. When Blu takes the keys from a logger's bulldozer, the logger grabs him, and Jewel hits the logger in the head, freeing Blu. Blu perches on Linda's shoulder when she and Tulio stand before the loggers. Once the Spix's Macaws make their stand, Blu joins them.
  • Eduardo is knocked out of the sky and almost crushed by a bulldozer, which Linda counters with an excavator. The Red Macaw Tribe assist her by throwing Brazil nuts at the driver of the bulldozer.
  • It is Tiago who spots the dynamite tied to the trees.
  • Big Boss is scooped up by a tree harvester, (piloted by Tiago) but drops a lit match, lighting the dynamite.
  • Nigel doesn't follow Blu when he takes the dynamite into the air. Instead, he confronts Blu after the explosion. After Nigel willingly unmasks himself, gloating over his revenge, Blu (repeating what Eduardo said about his beak being his most important tool) cuts himself free from the vines with his beak, and tackles Nigel. During the struggle, Nigel is hit with the mistaken poisoned dart.
  • Bia points out that everyone knows that poison dart frogs really have red spot on their backs.
  • Instead of dragging Nigel away, Gabi stays with him in the spot where he fell. Nigel swears revenge on Blu as Gabi smothers him with affection.
  • In a scene set between Nigel's defeat and the TV report, Blu and Jewel agree to spend summers and "the occasional weekend" in Rio. When Jewel calls him her "one and only," Blu asks "Even if I'm not the only one?" to which Jewel replies "Especially because you're not!" Blu, jokingly claiming not to believe Jewel, tells her to come closer and closer. He tells her "I'm going to kiss you now" and does so.

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