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From the makers of the hit Ice Age series, comes Rio, a 3D computer-animated comedy adventure about Blu, a rare domesticated Spix's Macaw who travels to the exotic land of Rio. In this version of the musical video game (made for the Nintendo DS), Blu goes on the adventure of his life, with the help of his female counterpart, Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds! Players will help Blu and his new friends navigate through Rio, using their stylus to discover Latin and Hip-Hop beats in this unique, rhythm-based adventure! The game also features four fun mini-games where players will be able to party with the other characters from the film, it is exlusively available for the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen/Developer System).

The game was released on April 12th, 2011.


It features a unique musical platforming gameplay. The player starts as Blu and has the ability to control him throughout Linda's house, following the rhythm and beat of the music. Later on, Blu gets chained with Jewel which grants the player the ability to let Jewel fly, but only for a limited time due to the weight of Blu dragging her down. In the last three stages, like in the movie, Jewel is captured by Nigel and Blu tries to rescue her through the parade. This grants the ability to let Blu fly, but only for a limited time. The story ends during Carnival, but there are cutscenes taken from the movie which explain the ending of the film. Blu rescues Jewel from the plane, is able to fly, and safely returns to Linda and Tulio.


Players styles to somersault, bounce, dodge, and more in unique musical platforming gameplay! The tempo also features the sounds of musical instruments.


4 minigames are included in the game:

Dance - The player can mess with a variety of settings to see their favorite (human) character samba wherever they want, including changeable songs, location and more!

Monkey Madness - Play as Blu and Jewel (chained together) as they defend themselves from Marmosets attacking them!

My Macaw - Interact with a Scarlet, Hyacinth, Blue-and-yellow, and even more macaws by using the microphone or tapping the screen!

Running of the Bulldog - Luiz is longing to catch birds again! Guide him through a location and jump on and off platforms to catch birds and earn points!

Theme Song

The theme song for Rio: The Video Game is a downsampled instrumental version of "Real in Rio". Watch the video in the Gallery below to hear the full song in the Nintendo DS version of the game!


Nintendo Power gave the game a 5.5/10 rating.


  • 1 - Rio Dancing With The Birds
  • 2 - Good Morning Sunshine
  • 3 - Internet Celebrity
  • 4 - Faux Forest
  • 5 - Love Hurts
  • 6 - On The Run
  • 7 - Urban Jungle
  • 8 - You And I Makes Cockatoo
  • 9 - Breakout Hit
  • 10 - Crawl Of The Wild
  • 11 - Follow My Beak
  • 12 - Hang On, Gliders!
  • 13 - Beach Volley!
  • 14 - Catch That Truck
  • 15 - Tutti-Frutti
  • 16 - Monkey Business
  • 17 - Time For Trolley
  • 18 - Monkeys On Parade
  • 19 - Float Away
  • 20 - Jewel Of Carnaval


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The cartridge for the Nintendo DS game.

The game's title screen.

A screenshot from the game, as shown from the official Nintendo page.


Rio- The Video Game Theme Song