Rio The Movie Storybook-Hardcover
Rio: The Movie Storybook
Publication Details
Author Jodi Huelin
Release Date February 22, 2011
Publisher Harper Collins
Language English
Number of pages 48
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Rio: The Movie Storybook is a hardback book and the first of 5 books based on the story of the animated film, Rio. The book tells the story in an easy-to-read layout in small paragraphs and very colorful picture's on every page transpires what's is going on in the story. The book's recommended age of readers is from 4 to 8 years old. (preschool and third grade)


It started with Blu arriving in Moose LakeMinnesota, in the box where he was put in as he was smuggled from Brazil. Just then as the truck braked and lobed him out of the truck, soon after a girl called Linda Gunderson noticed the box on the side of the road. She opened and looked inside of it.

What she found was a baby Spix's macaw in the box shivering cold and alone. Linda took him home and from then on, Blu knew he could trust Linda. 15 years passed and Blu and Linda were the best of friends and they did everything from cleaning the bookstore to playing - a lot.

One day as Blu got up and was out of his cage, he had some hot chocolate with marshmallow and some chocolate chip cookies but some them got picked on by the two Canada geese Alice and Chloe, but when they were mocking on Blu, a man was trying not to fall over and looked at Blu in the window.

He went into the bookstore and Linda came over and asked what he was looking for, but the man just said "I came six thousand miles looking for him" and pointed at Blu. Then he handed Linda his business card which said that he was an ornithologist. His name was Tulio Monteiro and he persuaded to get them to come to Rio de Janeiro where Blu will mate with the only female Jewel in order to save the species, but Linda said that she has never been out of the USA and was not so keen on going to Rio.

Later at night, Blu tried to fly by setting up a runway for him to run along. He started to check himself to see if everything was working took off, saying "Thrust, lift, drag, weight" along, repeatedly until he got to the end of the table and he got tangled up in the lights he set up. Just then Linda came down to find out what was all the noise and found Blu as he was tangled up and untangled him. The next morning, they talked about yesterday and they made up their mind and headed off to Rio de Janeiro with Tulio.

And the story continues accordingly to the story of the film.

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