Rio Book Greetings from Rio

Rio Book Greetings from Rio (2)

Rio: Greetings from Rio!
Publication Details
Author Benjamin Harper[1]
Release Date February 22, 2011[1]
Publisher Harper Collins
ISBN 978-0-06-202266-0[1]
Language English
Number of pages 24
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Rio: Greetings from Rio! is a book that tells you a small bit of information about the city of Rio de Janeiro and the film Rio. The book is set out in one picture page with a small text box on the ether side of the page. This book is recommended at the age range of 4-8 (preschool to third grade)

About the book

The book is mainly being read out to you by Blu which is telling you what he did in Rio and what there is in the film, and a small bit of information about himself.



As its the first page, Blu a bit of information about himself by telling you that he is a Spix's Macaw. Lastly, he was just a baby when he was last in Rio de Janeiro and that he was mainly raised in Minnesota.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest city in South America and has the nickname "the marvelous city". He also gives you the English translation of Rio de Janeiro is called "the River of January". It has big beaches, lush forests, and beautiful mountains.


Blu and Linda had to go to Rio with Tulio to his conservation center which had some sick and rare birds, but they were to see a female bird named Jewel which was a Spix's macaw as well.


Jewel was the bird that Blu came to see and to meet. She is kept in a special area of the conservation center the looked like the rainforest, but Jewel is not the type of bird the likes to be in cages.


Sylvio is the main security guard in the conservation center and he likes to play samba music - the music of the carnival. He also likes to dance to it in a bright-colored costume.


Nigel is a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and he works for the smugglers who sell fancy birds like Blu and Jewel for lots of money.

Rain Forest

Jewel and Blu go into the rain forest to escape the smugglers and Nigel and they see a lot of animals like snakes, frogs, and spider and that's where they found a gazebo called Vista Chinesa.

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