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Real in Rio
Composed by Sergio Mendes
Carlinhos Brown
Mikael Mutti
John Powell
Lyrics by Siedah Garrett
Performed by The Rio Singers
Jesse Eisenberg
Jamie Foxx
Anne Hathaway
George Lopez
Produced by Sergio Mendes
John Powell
Carlinhos Brown
Mikael Mutti
Release date(s)
Running time
Language English
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"Real in Rio" is the opening and ending song of Rio.

It was performed by Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg,, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, and The Rio Singers.

The first half of "Real in Rio" is performed during the opening scene of the film by The Rio Singers. The second half of the song is performed at the end of the film, right before the credits, by both The Rio Singers and the characters from Rio.

The Portuguese version of the song is called "Favo de Mel", which means "Honeycomb" in English. It is also performed by The Rio Singers.

Lyrics (Real in Rio)

Real in Rio

[The Rio Singers]
All the birds of a feather
Do what they love most of all
We are the best at rhythm and laughter
That's why we love Carnival

Call so clear we can sing to
Sun and nature's big moon
Dance to the music, passion and love
Show us the best you can do

Everyone here is on fire
Get up and join in the fun
Dance with a stranger, romance and danger

Magic could happen for real, in Rio
All by itself (itself)
You can't see it coming
You can't find it anywhere else (anywhere else)

It's real, in Rio
And know something else (something else)
You can't feel it happening
You can feel it all by yourself


[The Rio Singers]
All the birds of a feather
Do what we love most of all
Moon and the stars, strumming guitars
That's why we love Carnival

[Anne Hathaway]
Loving our life in the jungle
Everything's wild and free

[Jesse Eisenberg]
Never alone 'cause this is our home

[Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg]
Magic can happen for real, in Rio
All by itself (by itself)
You can't see it coming
You can't find it anywhere else

I'm 'da capoeira
Kinga, kinga, kinga, kinga, kinga
Birds like me 'cause I'm a hot winga

[Jamie Foxx]
Here everybody loves samba (I like to samba)

[George Lopez]
Rhythm you feel in your heart (I'm the samba master)
Beauty and love, what more could you want?

[The Rio Singers]
Everything can be for real, in Rio
Here's something else (something else)
You just feel it happening
You won't find it anywhere else

Lyrics (Favo de Mel)

E aí, meu rio!

Vou levando a alegria,junto carrego o amor
Dia de festa, sai da floresta
Hoje tem baia de flor

Hoje o dia está lindo,
Só a luz do esplendor,
Toca comigo, toca o tambor,
Quando a floresta acordou

Dentro de mim há esperança,
Quero aprender a voar
Esse é meu sonho desde criança<

Venha comigo, levanta, é hora
De encontrar o céu (o céu)
A gente se ama,
E a vida é um favo de mel

Levanta, é hora
De encontrar o céu (o céu)
A gente se ama
E a vida é um favo de mel

Todas as aves do mondo (oohh)
Que vida fenomenal (oohh)
A lua, estrelas (oohh)
Violas singelas (oohh)
Vivimos pro carnaval

Amamos a vida na mata
Livre e selvagem é sim

Vamos ficar este é nosso lar

Sinta a magia no Rio, no Rio
É só prazer
Beleza, fetiço
Esquece, deixa acontecer

Rei da capoeira
Eira, eira, eira, eira, eira!
Minha asa da maneira (Pedro-asa-maneira)

Aqui todos amamo samba (amamo samba)
No coraçao ele está (nisso eu sou o bamba)

Vida e amor, beleza e calor (ha)

O sonho está vivo no Rio, no Rio (aha)
É esse o lugar (o lugar)
Magia, encanto
Somente aqui vai achar........




  • The song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song on January 24, 2011, but lost to its only fellow nominee, "Man or Muppet," from The Muppets on February 26, 2012.
  • The drum upbeat heard in the song was also played by a group of drummers during the Sambadrome scene. It was overlapped with "Sapo Cai" to fit into the scene's audio.
  • In the beginning of the movie, Blu was asleep until the birds sang "Show us the best you can do!" Than he got up when the birds sang "Get up and join in the fun!"