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Pit of Doom.jpg
Pit of Doom
Background information
Type Arena
Location The Amazon Rainforest, likely near the Spix's Macaw Tribe or Scarlet Macaw Tribe
Inhabitants Spix's and Red Macaw tribes (possibly other bird tribes)

Roberto calling to the Spix's Macaw Tribe's players to gather at the Pit of Doom.

The Pit of Doom is a location featured in Rio 2. Located in the Amazon, it is used by the Red Macaw Tribe and the Spix's Macaw Tribe as a soccer stadium. It consists of a naturally carved rock stadium in a roughly elliptical shape, with a small lake in the middle, in which piranha lives in it. Vegetation grows around the rocks of the arena.


The rock walls around the pit are used by the macaws as seating areas, where both tribes watch the game. The sky soccer games take place inside the arena's pit, where the birds fly around, bouncing and kicking a spotted Brazil nut, which is used similarly as a soccer ball. The tribes have game announcers constituted of two commentators, a tapir and a porcupine, and a referee, which is a bare-faced curassow. Two female macaws, one from each side of conflict, mark their tribe's score with Brazil nuts.

The tribes take soccer matches very seriously, to the point of referring to them as "war". In Rio 2, they play to decide who will have the control and the foraging rights to the Brazil nut grove, which is where the majority of the nuts that both tribes feed upon grow. Since Blu unknowingly disobeyed the rules by trying to take a nut from the Scarlet Macaws' part of the grove, the "war" in the Pit of Doom has been announced.

Known Players


  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, the scorekeepers used red and blue berries to keep score for their tribe instead of the Brazil nuts used in the film.
    • Also in the novel, instead of Felipe saying they should go on a nut free diet, he tells Eduardo to stay off their grove.
    • Also in the novel, instead of Blu saying "I could have done that" he said "show off" from Roberto's moves.
  • During the Pit of Doom scene in Rio 2, the song "Bola Viva" was being played.
  • However, they probably decided to share the grove in the end because in the logging fight, the red macaw tribe joined.
  • Blu is relived to think it's only a game but Eduardo says it's war instead.


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