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Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Voice Rita Moreno
Character information
Species Spix's Macaw
Gender Female
Alias Aunt Mimi (r. by Jewel)
Feather/Hair/Skin color Cerulean body
Gray beak
Purple eyelids
Eyes Cerulean
Friends Eduardo (younger brother)
Blu (nephew-in-law)
Jewel (niece)
Carla (firstborn great-niece)
Bia (second great-niece)
Tiago (only great-nephew)
Enemies Nigel
Charlie (formerly)
Big Boss (deceased)
Fate Living
Dislikes Loggers
Quote "I knew you were coming back — I saw it in the droppings."

Mimi is a female Spix's Macaw. She is Eduardo's older sister, Jewel's paternal aunt, Blu's aunt-in-law, and Carla, Bia, and Tiago's great-aunt. She is the self-appointed adviser of the Spix's Macaw clan.

Mimi is described as being funny, brassy, and not afraid to speak her mind against Eduardo, and she welcomes Blu and Jewel into the tribe with open wings.


Mimi is first seen relaxing at the clay banks, with fruit slices covering her eyes and a face-mask on, but then sits up and shakes off the face-mask upon hearing that her niece, Jewel, has returned. She enthusiastically welcomes Jewel, hugging her and affectionately calling her "little wildflower." She then notices Bia, Carla, and Tiago, and rushes to hug them. The kids, frightened, fly away, and she accidentally hugs Blu, remarking that he is big for his age. Jewel and Eduardo correct her mistake, and she admires Blu's name, as it is the name of their species. As Eduardo and Roberto amusingly bicker over which one of them is "the bird," Mimi settles it by telling them they are both "the bird." She then begins "Beautiful Creatures" by "twanging" a twig, and is seen dancing with her family and the rest of the tribe as they welcome Jewel back.

The next morning, Bia gives Blu some clay, telling him that Mimi says it is good for digestion, despite Blu's protestation that he just brushed his beak. Mimi is present at the Pit of Doom during the "war" between the Spix's Macaw and Scarlet Macaw tribes, cheering the team on. She exhibits disappointment when Blu accidentally causes their team to lose the game, flying away with the rest of the tribe. Mimi later joins the tribe in attacking the loggers, and as Roberto panics, she slaps him, telling him to "get a grip."  Roberto, enraged by the loggers, then continues to attack the loggers with everyone else.

Mimi then joins in the celebrations afterwards, dancing with the tribe and her family.


While the other tribe members respect and fear Eduardo and obey his every rule, Mimi is the only one brassy enough to challenge him and give him a piece of her mind. Mimi lovingly welcomes both Jewel and Blu with open wings and tries to smooth over the conflict between Blu and Eduardo. She reminds her headstrong brother that despite what he may think of his new son-in-law, he must accept the fact that Jewel is all grown up and has another man in her life.

Mimi is sassy, kind and very cheerful. She is accepting and welcoming, and smooths arguments and tension. She loves her family and friends, no matter what they may do wrong, and is friendly toward others.


Mimi is short, shorter than her younger brother. She is plump, and similar in colouration to her niece, although Jewel's feathers are a brighter blue. She has darker blue wings, tail and head. Mimi has a cluster of feathers on her head like most macaws; they are long and curled. Her eyes are a pale blue, and her beak and talons are pale gray. Similar to Carla, her eyelids have a lavender tint, and her face and front are lighter than the rest of her. Mimi has a pear-shaped body.



Mimi loves her younger brother, but is the opposite of him when it comes to personality. She also reminds him that he must accept his son-in-law. She smooths the conflict between Eduardo and Blu, but still loves her brother despite his feelings toward Blu.


Mimi accepts Blu despite his mistakes, smooths the conflict between him and Eduardo, and tries her best to help him fit into tribal life. She loves her nephew-in-law, and tries to help him when it comes to life in the wild.


Mimi loves her niece dearly, showing enthusiasm and excitement when they are reunited. She affectionately calls Jewel her "little wildflower," and welcomes her back into the tribe.

Bia, Carla, and Tiago

Mimi is happy to be a great-aunt, and loves Bia, Carla and Tiago, showing such enthusiasm in their first meeting that she frightens them a little. She dances with them during the celebrations at Jewel's return. She also seems to entertain Bia with knowledge of the forest, like teaching her about how eating clay is good for their digestion.


Mimi respects and appreciates Roberto, but she doesn't hesitate to slap him back to his senses when he has a breakdown over the loggers during the tribe's battle against them.


  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, Mimi was the one Eduardo aired his grievances regarding Blu to, rather than Roberto.
  • Despite being older than her younger brother, she is in fact shorter than him.
  • One of her quotes in Rio 2, "We get it! You're both the Bird! Now can we stop yakking and start partying?" is a reference to Nico's quote of "Hey birds! Stop jumping and start flappin'!" in Rio.
  • Her remark about seeing Jewel's return "in the droppings" suggests she dabbles in some form of fortune-telling or divination.
  • Mimi was probably supposed to have a more major part in Rio 2; her description on the Rio website suggests that she would have smoothed conflict between Blu and Eduardo, challenging Eduardo about his opinion, along with telling Eduardo to get over with his problems with his new son-in-law; these such things are not seen in the movie (though in the novelisation, she told Eduardo to respect Jewel's choice of mate).
  • In reality, macaws tend to feast on clay to neutralize toxins that are in their food that they ingest.


  • Dancing
  • Flying


Quotes from Rio 2

  • "Jewel?"
  • "Make way, make way! Jewel!"
  • "My little wild flower has returned!"
  • "I knew you were coming back."
  • "I saw it in the droppings."
  • "And look at the little ones!"
  • "Aren't you the fluffiest, most delicious little macaws?!"
  • "Oh, you're big for your age."
  • "Aren't we all?"
  • "Ha ha ha, that's why they call us blue macaws."
  • "We get it!"
  • "You're both 'the bird'!"
  • "Now can we stop yakking and start partying?"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "Get a grip!"
  • "Snap out of it!"

Quotes from Rio 2: The Junior Novel

  • "You snagged yourself a cute one."
  • "So am I, dear."
  • "We're all blue, dear."
  • "That's why they call us blue macaws."
  • "Not too observant, is he?"
  • "I like him."
  • "And so does Jewel."
  • "Where's my little wildflower?"
  • "Eduardo, give him a chance."
  • "But he makes Jewel happy."
  • "You could talk to Felipe, work something..."
  • "Felipe's not the only one."


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