Mighty Eagle
Background information
Feature films
Video games Angry Birds Rio
Character information
Species Bald Eagle
Gender Male
Alias Mighty
Feather/Hair/Skin color Black
Eyes Black
Friends Blu
Jim, Jay and Jake
Trapped Bird
Neurotic Bird
Enemies Nigel
The Smugglers
The Marmosets
Fate Living
Quote Caaa!

Mighty Eagle (sometimes referred to as Mighty in comics) is an optional, gigantic bird that can be unlocked and used in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Google Chrome and Angry Birds Facebook under specific circumstances.


The Mighty Eagle appears in any level within the following apps:

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons (except Year of the Dragon and Dragon Boat Races, the Mighty Dragon appears instead)
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Google Chrome
  • Angry Birds Facebook/Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Space (as the Space Eagle)
  • Angry Birds Fuji TV
  • Angry Birds Star Wars (as the Millennium Falcon)
  • Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles (as the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle)

Release History

The Mighty Eagle was first made available in the Angry Birds episode "Ham 'Em High", launched in December 2010. He was subsequently released for Angry Birds Rio on October 28, 2011, Angry Birds Google Chrome on December 1, 2011, and was included with the launch of Angry Birds Facebook on February 14, 2012. There was even a trailer called "Angry Birds And The Mighty Eagle".


The Mighty Eagle is the largest and strongest of all of the available Birds, and as such, has a limited use: If the Eagle is used on a level that hasn't been completed normally, he can't be used again on another non-completed level until a full hour has passed. However, if the Eagle is used on a level that the player has already completed, the player won't have to wait before he can be used again.


To summon the bird, the player must first purchase him (only once), on the top left of the screen during gameplay, an eye button is placed alongside the "Pause" button. If this button is tapped, all of the standard Birds will instantly disintegrate and a can of sardines will land on the slingshot. Then, the player must simply fire the sardines at the Pigs' structure (or the caged birds and marmosets in Angry Birds Rio. After a few seconds, the Mighty Eagle will come roaring down from the skies and strike the ground with incredible force, killing all pigs and piercing through any blocks he launched through. Any missed pigs will be instead killed by a massive earthquake the Eagle causes.

Also, the Mighty Eagle has a unique ability if you place the can of sardines in front of the pigs structure, in turn causing him to hit the ground then spin out of control which actually causes more damage.

If the Mighty Eagle is used to pass the level, no stars will be awarded. Instead, the standard scoring system will be replaced by a "Destruction" meter. Depending on how much damage the Eagle causes to the Pig's structure, this meter will fill up to a maximum of 100%. Scoring a perfect percentage ratio will award the "Total Destruction" feather next to the level's icon on the stage select screen. In some scenarios, the default birds will have to be used in conjunction with the Eagle to get 100%. If he is used in an incomplete level, the user will have to wait 1 solid hour to use him on any other incomplete level. The player can actually enable him without waiting by completing the level he/she used it on without using him again.


At present, the Mighty Eagle is unlockable for the following:

  • iOS players are able to unlock the Eagle by paying for an in-game app that unlocks the Mighty Eagle for the rest of the game.
  • Owners of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color or Nook Tablet, who pay for and download Angry Birds onto their devices, can employ the Eagle for free while they are within a Barnes & Noble Bookseller store and employing the store's complimentary WiFi connection. It is unknown at this time how version 2.2.0 (Nook Color and Nook Tablet both use Android) will be incorporated into the Nook's current system.
  • As of version 2.2.0 (the version which introduced the Power-ups), Android players can unlock the Eagle in a similar way through an in-game purchase to Google Play. Prior to this, the ability could be unlocked by T-Mobile USA subscribers who can access a special Android package that, when installed, adds the ability to the version on their phone which then persists through the normal update process. As with iOS, unlocking Mighty on one Android device unlocks the feature for all Android devices sharing the same account. This is the same for Angry Birds Rio, with new power-ups and levels, and the Mighty Eagle available on Android. The Mighty Eagle is not available on the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons. This also occurred for Angry Birds Seasons, with new power-ups and levels, the Mighty Eagle available on Android, and different loading screen, logo, and theme for Winter Wonderham.
  • Angry Birds Google Chrome players, as of version beta can use Google Wallet to unlock Mighty as above. They can also play Mighty at no charge in the first episode.
  • In Angry Birds Facebook/Angry Birds Friends, the Mighty Eagle can be purchased on a per-use basis.
  • In Angry Birds Fuji TV, the Mighty Eagle can be used for free.
  • In Angry Birds Trilogy for PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS, Mighty can be used for free, just like in Angry Birds Fuji TV.

The Story of the Mighty Eagle

In the animated short film, Red, Chuck and one of The Blues happily stare at some newly-laid eggs. Then, a butterfly accidentally knocks over an egg, angering the birds, thus distracting them. The pigs took the opportunity to steal the eggs.

After going after the pigs to defend their eggs, the pigs were eventually forced to retreat into a large fortified base invulnerable to the bird's effort.

Suddenly, Chuck pulled out a can of sardines as an idea to get help from the Mighty Eagle. Then, Red, in fear, went to the cave where the Mighty Eagle dwells and asked for assistance while offering the sardines.

A chef pig came out of the base, scouting later on. He was suddenly knocked on the head by the sardine can. He looked around, saw the can of sardines, shadow of the said eagle appears and stuff flies up, pig squeals, chucks the eggs out, and waves a white flag, indicating a surrender, but gets crushed by the eagle, surrendered the eggs, ending the pigs' capture of the eggs.


Holidays and Seasons

  • The Mighty Eagle has been mentioned in the Angry Birds Peace Song.
  • In the Ham'o'ween animated backstory video, The Blues (dressed as Frankenstein, the devil, and a witch) trick or treat at the Mighty Eagle's cave and he gives them candy.
  • In the newest installment of Angry Birds Seasons, titled "Year of The Dragon" and "Dragon Boat Races", the Mighty Eagle is replaced with the Mighty Dragon, which works the same way.

Comic Strip

  • The Mighty Eagle has visited Santa's workshop according to the Christmas comic.
  • The Blues in the comics have mentioned the Mighty Eagle having multiple places of residence, of "rejuvenation spots". The primary appears to be high atop a cliff, as depicted in Ham'o'ween and the comics. However, other places include the base of a mountain by a grassy plain, the summit of another mountain, and an underground sweat-lodge of sorts near the birds' home.
  • The Mighty Eagle is the eldest, strongest, and wisest of all the birds. He was likely feared by the Angry Birds originally since Red was very afraid to go ask him for assistance in the Mighty Eagle trailer. As seen in a wallpaper, even Terence is afraid of the Mighty Eagle, which may explain why the birds disappear when the sardine tin appears, as they may have run away. Yet, after the initial meeting, the birds became less afraid of Mighty, instead, respecting him and going to him for advice (as seen in the comics and other animations), and even wishing to invite him to Christmas.


  • If you set your time ahead one hour, the Mighty Eagle can be used, even if you have used him already. However, if this exploit is used a couple of times in a row, the Mighty Eagle's wait time will be extended to a lengthy 18 hours.
  • When the Mighty Eagle destroys something or hits the ground, he sounds exactly like Terence.
  • There's a downside to his power because if you use him to get a Golden Egg, you can't get the Golden Egg.


  • The Mighty Eagle can fly, despite having no wings.
  • The Grey Bird might have been a prototype of the Mighty Eagle, or this bird is the original Mighty Eagle.
  • The genuine Mighty Eagle plush toy was released on the 7th of December 2011. Unlike others, this particular plush is $104.99 or more and is 18 inches tall.
  • The Mighty Eagle is replaced with Space Eagles in Angry Birds Space.
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