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Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Carlos Ponce
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Medium skin
Brown hair
Eyes Brown
Friends Tipa
Mysterious Dealer
Enemies Blu
Tulio Monteiro
Linda Gunderson
Fate Imprisoned
Quote "Nice work, Nigel."

Marcel is the main human antagonist of Rio.

He is Nigel's former owner and the leader of the smugglers. He planned on selling Blu and Jewel, along with other exotic birds, for a huge fortune. However, he was arrested and imprisoned along with his accomplices Armando and Tipa, in the film's credits. Out of the three smugglers, he is the only intelligent one, causing him to frequently refer to Armando and Tipa as "idiots".


On the orders of a client, Marcel hires Fernando to break into Tulio's aviary and steal Blu and Jewel, sending in Nigel first to pose as a sickly bird so he could let Fernando in. After Fernando brings him Blu and Jewel, Marcel only pays him half of what he promised, and callously sends him on his way. Jewel bites him to escape but is stopped by Nigel and brought back to the cage Marcel wanted her in. He then chains Blu and Jewel together. Then he sends out Fernando and says go home to your mama. He mentions he's poor and does not have parents. He closes the door on him, deciding not to keep him. Then he says he doesn't care what happens to the birds to the other smugglers (but Fernando overheard them heartbroken) as long as they become rich.

After discovering that Blu and Jewel have escaped (With Armando and Tipa having poorly tried to hide this fact by painting two chickens blue), he sends Nigel after them and formulates a plan to use the Carnival as a cover for their moving of the captured birds. When Fernando returns (with Linda and Tulio, unbeknownst to him), Marcel has him help with their plan. Once Nigel captures Blu and Jewel, Marcel takes the birds to a waiting plane. Before taking off, he spots Fernando trying to free them but is unable to stop him from running off. As the plane takes off, Linda and Tulio (driving a float) attempt to stop them but fail. During the flight, Marcel notices that the birds are escaping. With the door to hanger blocked by a pile of cages, Marcel sends Nigel to stop them. This backfires when Nigel is strapped to a fire extinguisher by Blu and is blown out of the plane into one of the propellers, making the plane fall. Marcel takes the single parachute for himself, but Armando and Tipa jump after him, grabbing onto his legs as they slowly descend.

During the credits, it is shown that Marcel and the others have been arrested and imprisoned.


Marcel has a black goatee, fairly tanned skin, Jamaican hair (dreadlocks), and wears a Hawaiian-style shirt. He is also usually seen wearing a pair of sunglasses.


Marcel is evil, selfish, vain, greedy, cruel, and intelligent in nature, unlike the other smugglers. He keeps the birds they capture in appalling conditions, and only pays Fernando half the amount he promised him, showing how cheap he is. He also holds his two henchmen, Armando and Tipa, in contempt over their incompetence and clumsiness. He was even willing to abandon them when their plane started to crash, taking the only parachute for himself, thereby displaying an uncaring nature. The only one he seems to treat with any sort of respect is Nigel; he is often seen petting him and treating him like a completely competent enforcer and pet.


  • Marcel is often thought to be the main antagonist of Rio' mainly because he kickstarted the plot', along with Nigel being the secondary antagonist by being he’s owner and master’s pet bird and enforcer also having more screen time and influences.
  • The identity of Marcel's Client is never revealed. However, Marcel's use of the saying "Au revoir" (meaning "goodbye") over the phone suggested that he may have been French.
  • In the Rio DS game he was always referred to as "smuggler".


  • "Well, what do you know? Good work, Fernando."
  • "You see, boys, what did I tell you about this one?"
  • "No you idiot."
  • "He reminds me of when I was that age, smart, resourceful. Here you go kid."
  • "Ah, shut up, kid."
  • "What the... I thought I told you I needed these birds alive."
  • "Tell me, Fernando, does this look alive to you?! Huh?!"
  • "Nigel, alive."
  • "Nice Work Nigel."
  • "The last Blue Macaws on Earth."
  • "Haha. These are worth a fortune!"
  • "Hey, Fernando, hang these up in the other room."
  • "Don't worry, we're gonna find good homes for them."
  • "Now go home to your Mama."
  • "Father?"
  • "No."
  • "Ah, plucked, stuffed, eaten, who cares? All I know is we're going to be rich."
  • "Yes, you were very clear, tomorrow or the deal is off."
  • "Of course I have both the macaws."
  • "Yes, I will deliver them myself. Au revoir."
  • "All right you two, you load the truck tonight."
  • "First thing in the morning we bring those birds to the airport, you got it?"
  • "Oh, and one of you, feed Nigel."
  • "Do you think I am an idiot?"
  • "They were two birds, chained together, in a cage, how could you lose them?!"
  • "Oh, great! What are you gonna do? Wander the city calling, 'Here, birdie-birdie, here, birdie'?"
  • "We have to get the birds to the airport tonight."
  • "And that's why I wanted to go this morning!"
  • "This bird is ten times smarter than the two of you combined."
  • "I am putting him in charge."
  • "Go find 'em, Nigel."
  • "If we can't get through the parade, we'll have to be in the parade."
  • "Come on, come on, where are these guys?"
  • "Oh hoo hoo, yes, nice... very nice."
  • "Ha, ha, ha, yes. Well done, Nigel."
  • "What do you think you're doing?"
  • "You shouldn't have done that. Now come on."
  • "Just forget him! Get the birds!"
  • "We did it, boys!"
  • "Is that a float?"
  • "Pull up, you idiot. Pull up."
  • "Hasta la vista, losers!"
  • "*sigh* Uhh, idiots."


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