Rio (movie) wallpaper - Luiz's Garage
Luiz's Garage
Background information
Type Garage
Level N/A
Location Santa Teresa Neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro
Inhabitants Luiz

Luiz's Garage, also known as "Mecânico", is a mechanic place that appears in Rio and Rio 2. It contains multiple set of tools and is most likely Luiz's home. It is located in the Santa Teresa Neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.



When Blu and Jewel are led to the garage by Rafael, Nico and Pedro, they meet Luiz. Rafael managed to convince him to take the chain holding the two macaws off, despite his disliking of Jewel's insults. The plan involves using a table saw to cut the chain. The plan fails when Luiz slips on his own drool while pushing the two towards the saw, causing the two to panic, which sends them flying (or at least, trying to) around the room. Luiz unintentionally catches the chain in his mouth, causing his drool to lubricate the cuffs, setting the birds free, which moments later paves the way for Blu and Jewel's argument, causing the two of them to abandon each other.

Rio 2

Rafael, Pedro and Nico use the garage to hold auditions for the Carnival show. When Kipo entered, Luiz greeted him, but he slipped on his drool and crashed, and Luiz told him to walk it off. During the auditions, they listened to Eva's singing which was so terrible, the glass bottles and light bulbs shattered. Pedro and Nico were disgusted, but Rafael immediately congratulated her. As she left, Blu flew in on them, they assumed he wanted to audition but that wasn't the purpose of his visit. Blu told them that he and his family were going to the Amazon. The group then headed to the garage's roof to talk, where they ended up scaring Blu with what they knew of the Amazon.


  • In Rio 2, Pedro, Nico, and Rafael were holding auditions for Nico and Pedro's Carnival show in the garage.
    • The only known birds who auditioned are Kipo and Rafael's wife, Eva.
  • The name of the garage is "Mecânico", which translates to "Mechanic" in English.
  • In the first film, the garage was only seen during the night. However, In the second film, it was only seen during the morning.
  • Judging from a picture in the credits of Rio, It may also be the workplace of Sylvio, who might be Luiz's owner. That would explain it's unmaintained appearance and the lack of recent human activity done to it.
  • In Angry Birds Rio the garage is never seen, but Luiz still took off the chain.


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