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Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games Multiplayer Game
DS Version
Angry Birds Rio
Voice Tracy Morgan
Character information
Species Bulldog
Gender Male
Alias Dog (r. by Nico and Pedro)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Brown body
White belly
White and brown head
Eyes Brown
Friends Nico
The Angry Birds (Angry Birds Rio)
Fate Living
Quote "I don't know how I got up here, but I ain't never comin' down!"

Luiz is a Bulldog and supporting character in Rio and Rio 2, whose bark is much worse than his bite. He proves that you can't always judge a book by its cover. Despite his intimidating appearance and tendency to say disturbing comments, he is really just going to smother you with drool. Just like his friend Rafael, Luiz loves Carnival. He lives in a garage in the Santa Teresa Neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. He is voiced by Tracy Morgan.



When Luiz first appears, he pounces on Blu and Jewel as if he is planning to eat them, but quickly lets them know that he is just joking, saying, "I got youse good!" After Jewel insults him and hurts his feelings, he is reluctant to help, needing to be coaxed by Rafael. He then attempts to use a table saw to cut through the chain around the Spix's Macaws' feet, using a welding mask he cannot see nor hear through. In the ensuing chaos, Luiz catches the chain in his mouth, his welding mask gets destroyed by the saw and his drool lubricates Blu and Jewel's feet enough for them to slip through the manacles. After the chain was removed he tried to comfort Blu by saying "I know just how you feel." but then walks away because he thinks he's not helping. He then dresses for Carnival, donning a hat made from various fruits, and gold clothes. When Jewel is captured by Nigel, Blu uses Luiz as a steed to give chase. However, Luiz is distracted by the festivities of Carnival, eventually somehow finding his way on top of a float (to how he himself does not even know how he got there), where he dances furiously. Luiz later appears at the end of the final song, "Real in Rio", soaring above the rainforest in a hang glider, yelling, "I love you, Rio!"

Rio 2

During the New Year's Eve celebration, Blu and Jewel ask Rafael to take care of their kids, but they find Rafael celebrating as well, without the kids. Rafael explains that he asked Luiz to take care of them. Suddenly, Luiz comes in dancing happily, wearing a pair of "Happy New Year" glasses over his tail, and a head ornament with glowing pink stars bouncing like antennas. Blu and Jewel nervously ask him where their kids are, and Luiz answers that he has no kids. When he finally understands the question, he explains that he had Tiny take care of the kids, claiming she's "an excellent babysitter".

Later, Luiz happily tries to help Nico, Pedro and Rafael with their talent auditions in Rio, lending his garage for the contestants to perform in so they can be judged. Unfortunately, he does more harm than good, drooling on the floor, and making everyone slip on it.

When Blu comes and tells the group that he is heading to the Amazon, they take a break from auditions and go to the garage roof to talk. Luiz, Nico, and Pedro then warn Blu of the myriad dangers that could lie ahead in the wild. Luiz specifically explains about "flesh-eating piranhas that eat flesh". They have their doubts about Blu being up to the rigors of the expedition. Blu gets really scared, but Rafael calms him down, and they all end up deciding to go too, so they can help him.

Nico, Pedro, and Rafael fly with the Spix's Macaw family, but in his last appearance of the film, Luiz, running after them trying to keep up with the birds, ends up being left behind. He seems hurt for being abandoned, for the second time known, saying, "You left me behind. Again. That's messed up." and lies on the concrete because of exhaustion.

At the end of the movie, when the "Amazon Untamed" show takes place, Kipo arrives at the jungle, bringing Luiz with him (Having carried him all the way from Rio). Upon arrival, Luiz greets his friends and frenetically starts to dance alongside the birds.

Rio: Snakes Alive!

Luiz is briefly seen when Blu and his family visit him in the city, and Blu asks him for advice on how to make money to save the Blu Bird Sanctuary. Luiz turns out to have next to no ideas on the subject. After hearing a bald man admit he would "pay a million dollars" for something that could grow his hair back, Blu suggests they find something that does just that. Luiz then tells them the story of a lost civilization that supposedly had an elixir that could regrow hair, hidden inside the Pedra Da Gavea, a cliff face that resembles a human head. The family then takes off, Blu thanking Luiz for the help.


Luiz is a bulldog, with white skin, hazel-brown Eyes, brown coat on his ears, left side on his face, tail, and spots on his head, white belly and paws, and a small black nose. His teeth are sharp and so are his claws.

When Jewel is captured by Nigel, Blu uses Luiz as a steed to give chase. However, Luiz is distracted by the festivities of Carnival, eventually somehow finding his way on top of a float, where he dances furiously.

Luiz is often seen drooling, but he says it's a medical condition.

Luiz later appears at the end of the final song, "Real in Rio", soaring above the rainforest in a hang glider, yelling, "I love you, Rio!"


Although a great friend to Rafael and the other characters, Luiz still has the personality of a chasing and ferocious bulldog, so he still brings up disturbing comments, such as when he said he could have ripped Blu and Jewel's throats out, and when he sees Jewel, Nico, Pedro, and Rafael flying, he tells Blu he wants to chase them and bite their heads off, but he then admits that he was joking by laughing and saying, "I'm just kiddin', bro. Yeah, chasin' 'em is plenty".

He seems to be very sensitive. He reacts to Jewel's jibe about his drool by pouting and calling her mean. When it appears the others have gone to Carnival without him, he is dismayed. He is also a little naïve.

He is also very loyal to and protective of his friends. When a Carnival performer in a crocodile costume accidentally knocked Blu off Luiz's back, the bulldog attacked him, biting on his foam tail. (This could possibly just be him distracted, though.)

Luiz taking off the chain in Angry Birds Rio


  • Gadgets
    • Luiz can use a table saw and wears a welding mask.
  • Smashing (Angry Birds Rio only)
    • If a beach ball lands on the floor, Luiz will run to fetch it, running through all the things in his path.
  • Hang Gliding (shown during ending credits)
    • He was seen in the air hang gliding.
  • Drooling
    • Luiz's drool freed Blu and Jewel from the chain. It also tripped multiple performers during Carnival.
  • Speed
    • Luiz got Blu to the smugglers' float quite quickly, despite the small size of legs.
  • Jaw Strength
    • He was shown to have strong jaws, holding a person in an alligator costume by the tail.
  • Strength
    • He was shown to able to carry Blu on his back and wear a large fruit hat, as well as being able to run.
  • Stamina
    • He was shown to able to run from his home to the parade show without getting exhausted at all.
  • Dancing
    • He shows dancing skills in both Rio and Rio 2.
  • Running
    • He was able to run without difficulty to Carnival with Blu on top of his fruit hat.


  • He may be a dog who uses gadgets, but he can't see or hear very well with his welding helmet on.
  • Luiz takes part in level 6-15 of Angry Birds Rio.
  • Luiz was presumably a stray when the birds meet him, with no owner or collar.
  • During the ending credits, he and Sylvio were wearing the same outfit in a photo. It's possible Sylvio owns him or adopted him prior to the ending of the movie.
  • Luiz is the only dog that appears in Rio and its sequel.
  • He is also the only protagonist who is an animal that is not an avian character.
  • Luiz is always seen drooling. He claims that it is a medical condition. However, this is common in the bulldog breed.
  • In the scene before Nigel was photographed by Mauro with a camera, and in the trailer of Rio 2, Luiz says, "I love you, Rio!"
  • Jewel was surprised to find out that Luiz is a bulldog, it's possible she thought he was a bird of some kind, which might explain why she was surprised in the first place.
  • Jewel said that she hates it when dogs drool on her, and Luiz thought of her as a mean bird.
  • Luiz apparently has an uncle who's a poodle, which he stated in a Western Union commercial.
  • It is unknown how Luiz got up on the float that Linda got onto so quickly, something even Luiz himself acknowledges.



  • "I got youse good!"
  • "I could've ripped your throats out, but I didn't!"
  • "But I coulda..."
  • "Hey, Rafi! Come here, where ya been?"
  • "You look good."
  • "You got something against dogs?"
  • "It's a medical condition."
  • "She's mean, bro."
  • "I think I know what to do."
  • "Oh, sure, there's nothing to it."
  • "Now if something goes wrong, scream really loud, because I can't hear too good with this thing on."
  • "Hey, Rafi! Get the switch, please!"
  • "Now try not to move! I can't really see outta this thing, either!"
  • "Hey, where'd you go?"
  • "Yep, I know just how you feel."
  • "Watching them up there makes you want to chase them and grab them in your mouth and... bite their heads off, huh?"
  • "Hey, hey, I'm just kidding, bro. Yeah, chasin' em is plenty."
  • "Yeah! I'm ready for Carnival!"
  • "Who wants to ride in my... fruit?"
  • "They left without me. That's messed up."
  • "Carnival, here we come!"
  • "You will get wet on this ride!"
  • "Haha, this is the spit!"
  • "Yeah, baby, now I can get my freak on!"
  • "Outta my way, people!"
  • "Hot dog coming through!"
  • "That float is a crime in itself!"
  • "I don't know how I got up here, but I ain't never coming down!"
  • "I love you, Rio!"

Rio 2

  • "What? I don't have any kids."
  • "Oh, right. I left them with Tiny!"
  • "What? She's an excellent babysitter!"
  • "Hey, big bird, break a leg."
  • "Ooh. Walk it off, buddy!"
  • "Sorry, bro!"
  • "The Amazon?"
  • "Wow, that's wild."
  • "Real wild!"
  • "Flesh-eating piranhas that... eat... flesh."
  • "Bring me back a souvenir!"
  • "Hey birds, slow down!"
  • "They left without me... again!"
  • "That's messed up!"
  • "Hello, Amazon!"
  • "Hey birds, I made it!"

Rio: Snakes Alive!

  • "Blu! Jewel! Little Munchies! Get ready to be hugged!"
  • "There's nothing like a bonfire, all those flames, smoke, and heat! Dries my drool right up!
  • "It's a medical condition, y'know."
  • "Y'know, if chasing things made money, I'd be rich! And then Linda and Tulio could have my money!"
  • "Hey! Problem solved!"
  • "Right, okay, how about if you made souvenirs? Tourists will buy anything!"
  • "Whoa, that is one ugly bird!"
  • "I'd chase him and eat him, if I didn't fell so bad for him. Just kidding, bro."
  • "Hey, that reminds me! Have you ever heard of the Pedra da Gavea?"
  • "It's this big old rock in the forest above the city that looks like a face with a big head of hair!"
  • "Some believe it's not natural! Not like a ghost or anything, but according to legend, it was built..."
  • " an ancient, unknown civilization, a people who prized, above all, a thick head of hair!"
  • "But before their great cities faded, they made a great discovery!"
  • "Their discovery was an elixir able to grow hair on people, fur on animals, even feathers on birds!"
  • "It's just a legend, so no one knows if it's true. Hey, I'm not even sure whether it was something I saw in a dream... or on TV!"
  • "But they say it remains to this day, protected by a terrible guardian!"
  • "The monster's only half the problem! For years people haven't even been able to find a way in!"
  • "But I have faith in you. I think! Go! Find this stuff! Lead Linda to it and she can sell it to that bald guy for a million bucks!"
  • "Am I a genius or what?"

Rio: Match 3 Party

  • "Don't start the party without me!"
  • "I'm ready to put my paws to work!"
  • "Don't forget to scratch behind the ears."
  • "These birds are too fragile for hugs, but me? Love 'em!"
  • "No time to chat - I'm workin' tooth and nail!"
  • "I've been smilin' all day!"
  • "I could smell you comin' a mile away!"
  • "Right... right... left... aww, yeah. That's the spot!"
  • "Of course I'd love a hug!"
  • "Take a paw and follow me!"
  • "I may be short, but I can still cut a rug!"
  • "Gimme a hug! Don't mind the drool."


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