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The Loggers are the supporting antagonists of Rio 2. They serve as Big Boss's workers and henchmen.


The Loggers are workers who work for Big Boss, by helping him cut down the trees in the Amazon while constantly remaining covert to avoid being discovered by the authorities.


The Logging Foreman was ordered by Big Boss to stop Linda and Tulio from finding the Spix's Macaws and cutting down the trees in the Amazon.

Later on, Blu and Eduardo spot one of the loggers approaching the tribe's territory, and Eduardo subsequently finds out that Blu was a companion, disgusting him and tells Roberto to stay alert as a precaution.

The loggers find Linda and Tulio and tie them to a tree, then continue on their work and destroy more of the rainforest. While Blu was alerted of Linda and Tulio's disappearances, a bulldozer almost ran over Roberto. He was saved by Blu who pushed him out of the way at the last second.

During the war between the humans and the Spix's Macaw Tribe, the loggers try to destroy the rest of the rainforest, but the Spix's Macaws (assisted by the Red Macaw Tribe and other denizens of the Amazon) attack after the loggers ignore their warning, driving them away and leave Big Boss to get eaten by an anaconda. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards but they're maybe arrested for illegal deforestation.

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