A list of levels in Angry Birds Rio.

Smuggler's Den


Smuggler's Den.

Smuggler's Den is the first episode of Angry Birds Rio, and is also the first level that contains caged birds as a target. Currently, the player only possesses the Red since level 1-1, Jim, Jay and Jake since level 1-6, and the Chuck since level 1-11. Blu and Jewel can be found at the end of the episode. You can collect the golden pineapples along the way.

In the Movie

This is where Blu and Jewel were placed by the smugglers. But instead, Blu and Jewel found a way to escape the smugglers on their own and by themselves, by opening their own cage.

Main Article: Smuggler's Den

Jungle Escape


Jungle Escape.

Jungle Escape is the second episode of Angry Birds Rio.

The birds, along with Blu and Jewel, escape the smugglers, and get to the Jungle. There, unfortunately, Nigel has ordered the Marmosets to capture the birds. The Matilda, Blu and Jewel combination are introduced in this episode. In Theme 4-15, Nigel decides that since the Marmosets can't capture the birds, he should go out to fight them himself. Unfortunately for him, the birds defeat him as well (especially the Matilda). This episode was also the last episode when Angry Birds Rio was first released. You can collect the golden bananas along the way. As the birds hit Nigel, he gradually loses feathers, and then flies away once he has been defeated.

In the Movie

This is where Blu and Jewel escaped after running from the smugglers. Instead of the monkeys appearing that night in the jungle, they were offered the next day both at a human by Nigel instead. They were reluctant to do it, but did it anyways because of Nigel's threats (he said "Or it's flying lessons for everyone! Go!"). Nigel even toosed Mauro in the air as a "flying lesson" before he said the threat.

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Beach Volley


Beach Volley.

Beach Volley is the third episode in Angry Birds Rio. The marmosets are terrorizing the beach, and it introduces the Bomb . You can collect the golden melons along the way. Like in Jungle Escape, you must hit the marmosets. And in level 6-15, Luiz can help you clean up this mess. 

In the Movie

The beach appears a couple of times, and mainly appeared when Blu and Jewel crash on it on a man's hang glider during when Rafael tries to teach Blu how to fly, but fails to teach him. The marmosets are not shown until after Blu and Jewel in the film go to the samba club.

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Carnival Upheaval


Carnival Upheaval.


Carnival Upheaval' is the fourth episode in Angry Birds Rio. Now that you don't have Jewel (she was captured by Nigel), you will need to use Blu, but he does not fly, instead he uses his wings for destruction. You can collect the golden papayas along the way. Like in the two previous episodes, you need to hit the Marmosets. You fight Mauro (the lead marmoset) in Level 8-15 as he guards the smugglers' chicken float. He jumps to each platform at random, and will to another platform every so often, making it very difficult to hit him.

In the Movie

This is where Blu tries to rescue Jewel, and is recaptured by Nigel. Instead of flying, he rides on Luiz, as he still can't fly.

Main Article: Carnival Upheaval

Airfield Chase


Airfield Chase.

Airfield Chase is the fifth episode of Angry Birds Rio. It introduces a new golden fruit, the Apple. It introduces the Terence , and the Birds must free the caged birds from the cages to return home. On the last level, the birds must free the caged birds as the smugglers' plane is taking off. The plane is accelerating, so try to catch it!

In the Movie

This is where Blu and Jewel were being prepared to be boarded on a plane by the smugglers. But instead of just Nigel being there, Marcel, Armando, and Tipa were in the scene. Fernando was also in the scene, but decided to get away from the smugglers, because he tried to get Blu and Jewel out of their cages but failed.

Main Article: Airfield Chase

Smuggler's Plane

Smugglers plane

Smuggler's Plane.

Smuggler's Plane is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Rio. It introduces the last new golden fruit, the Mango. It features Hal. Blu and the Birds must free the caged birds from the cages to return home. Bubbles also appears in the second pack, and there's a rematch with Nigel (the Big Brother Bird in most cases is the easiest one to defeat Nigel with). After the Birds defeat Nigel, it cuts to a scene of the plane flying. All of the captured birds fly out the back of the plane while Nigel flies out of the front, and is sucked into the plane's propellers and falls. The plane then starts to fall. The Angry Birds stay in the plane until it crashes onto their island just in time to stop the pigs from stealing their eggs.

In the Movie

Blu manages to defeat Nigel by sending him out the front of the plane using a fire extinguisher, and saves the other birds by unlocking their cages and letting them go, and Jewel by jumping out of the plane to save her (He also learns to fly and brings her back to Linda, Tulio, and Fernando).

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Golden Beachball


Golden Beachball.

Golden Beachball is a bonus episode of Angry Birds Rio. Some of the levels feature the marmosets, while the others show the caged birds. Before the 1.7.0 update, the episode was unlocked using a voucher on the Rio DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack. On mobile devices, the player has to find a hidden item in one of the levels in Beach Volley by using a picture and information from the voucher. On PC and Mac, the player has to enter a redeem code shown on the voucher. However, the episode is automatically unlocked with the 1.7.0 update, along with introducing Golden Cherries. Main Article:Golden Beachball

Awards Room


Awards Room

Awards Room (formerly Trophy Room) was a bonus episode of Angry Birds Rio. It was somewhat equivalent to Golden Eggs in Angry Birds. It featured 12 new levels that are each unlocked when a player finishes a chapter or collects all 15 of a certain Golden Fruit. Also, when you earn all of the Golden Fruits, there is an extra level. The level contains a bunch of pig balloons, and in the middle is an actual King Pig balloon. The number of levels increased due to the Market Mayhem episode. In each of levels, you have to either free caged birds, or defeat Marmosets.

The episode was removed in the 1.7.0 update, with the two levels from each episode included in the episodes' level menus.

Main Article: Awards Room

Market Mayhem


Market Mayhem.

Market Mayhem (formerly Fruit Market) is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Rio. Based on the deleted scene, it involves marmosets taking over the market and the birds trying to stop them. Golden Strawberries can be collected along the way. Mauro reappears as a boss.

It was first revealed on December 21st 2012, when a photo of a new episode entitled "Fruit Market" was leaked, based off the deleted scene.[1] Fruit Market has then been renamed "Market Mayhem."[2]

Rocket Rumble

Rocket Rumble is the 8th episode of Angry Birds Rio, and the 5th to feature marmosets. Pink Bird (Stella) and Rocket Bird (Chuck with rocket specimens) debut in this episode. Now all birds appear in Angry Birds Rio.

This episode has been probably referring off of Rio 2. As we know, we got our wish, time did tell that Pink
ABR 2 pic

Rocket Rumble.

Bird appeared in Angry Birds Rio. As better, all birds now appear. But the never-before-seen Rocket Bird is playable and flying all the way up to the moon! All the great things about this new update came out on December 18th, along with the announcement of four new episodes for Rio 2.[3] Golden Rockets can be collected along the way.

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High Dive

High dive

High Dive.

High Dive is the 9th episode of Angry Birds Rio, and the 4th to feature caged birds. Amazon River Dolphins make their debut in this episode. Golden Treasure Chests can also be collected along the way.

This episode also refers to Rio 2, and was released on February 20th, 2014. Instead of game sprites, it now introduces the Toons sprites, which replaces birds the Angry Birds Google Chrome and Angry Birds original sprites. This has also occurred on Market Mayhem with the High Dive update. However, the original game sprites are still used in the episodes for the first film. Birds can now attack from underwater to free caged Dolphins and caged birds.

Main Article: High Dive

Blossom River


Blossom River.

Blossom Riveris the 10th episode of Angry Birds Rio, It now features floating boats and water as the previous level "High Dive". Golden anchors can be collected along the way. Main article: Blossom River.


Timber Tumble

Timber Tumble is the 11th episode and the 4th and final episode aesthetically tied to Rio 2. It features jungle themed levels with most taking place in the treetops, along with industrial logging machine themed structures. The Marmosets make another appearance here as the enemies. This episode also features the debut of another power-up, "Call the Flock", which allows the player to call in a massive swarm of macaws to destroy the structures. The player is limited to 10 uses before being required to purchase more. Golden Cogs can be collected throughout the episode.

Main Article: Timber Tumble


A re-packaging of the first three Angry Birds games called Angry Birds Trilogy includes exclusive new levels for the games, including Angry Birds Rio. The game is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS.

On December 18th, 2012, Angry Birds Rio was updated with four new power-ups. The first is Super Seed. The second is Sling Scope (see Angry Birds), but with a different icon (has a Marmoset instead of a Pig on the icon). The third is called TNT Drop, similar to the one from the Winter Tournaments on Angry Birds Friends on Facebook. The last is called Samba Burst, exclusive to Rio. This will replace your bird with a Red Bird wearing a fruit hat and, once launched and hit an obstacle, will make it dance and destroy more of the structure. Also, 24 new levels were released, along with the Mighty Eagle on Android devices. Some of the levels are unlocked with a certain number of stars on the levels in the episodes each, while others are unlocked by collecting 10 feathers with the Mighty Eagle on each episode.


After Smuggler's Plane, it is said by Rovio that it is not the end of Angry Birds Rio. Rovio mentioned that new levels based on deleted scenes and extras from the Rio movie will someday be created. Also, new levels will be created for Rio 2.[4]


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