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Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games Multiplayer Game
Angry Birds Rio
DS Version
Matching Game
Voice Anne Hathaway
Character information
Species Spix's Macaw
Gender Female
Alias Gem of the forest
Angel (r. by Blu)
Spirited bird (r. by Tulio)
Pretty bird (r. by Nigel)
Baby bird (r. by Nico)
Hot wing (r. by Pedro)
Honey (r. by Blu)
Wild flower (r. by Mimi)
Ju-ju (r. by Roberto)
Mom (r. by Bia, Carla and Tiago)
Young lady (r. by Eduardo)
Little girl (r. by Eduardo)
Baby (r. by Roberto)
One and only (r. by Blu)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Cerulean body
Gray beak
Eyes Turquoise
Friends Blu (mate)
Bia (younger daughter)
Carla (older daughter)
Tiago (only son)
Eduardo (father)
Mimi (aunt)
Toucan Kids
The Angry Birds (Angry Birds Rio)
Enemies Nigel
Charlie (formerly)
Big Boss (deceased)
Felipe (formerly)
Red Macaw Tribe (formerly)
Ssssalbatore (Rio: Snakes Alive!)
Fate Living
Likes Her family and friends
Spending time with her children
The Amazon
Brazil Nuts
Dislikes Not being able to fly
Humans (formerly)
Blu (formerly)
Losing her family and friends
Quote "Quem é você? Quê que você está fazendo aqui?" (Portuguese for "Who are you? What are you doing here?")

Jewel is a female Spix's Macaw and the deuteragonist of Rio, Rio 2, Angry Birds Rio, other video games, and almost all the franchise books (except Rio no.3: A Dog's Tale, where she is only a minor character). The deuteragonist human character is Tulio Monteiro.

She loves to fly, cherishes her freedom, and would never look into a cage, let alone fly into one. When she finds herself stuck with a domesticated "pet", she learns that being grounded may not be so bad after all. Eventually, she learns to be more trustful towards humans, as shown when she lets Tulio tend to her wing at the end of the first movie. She is Blu's mate, Carla, Bia, and Tiago's mother, Eduardo's daughter, Roberto's friend, and Mimi's niece.



When it is believed that Jewel is the last female of her kind, the Spix's Macaw, in the world, she is taken to Tulio's aviary, to await the arrival of the also speculated last male of their species: Blu. Blu is initially terrified in Jewel's enclosure, but when he sees Jewel for the first time, he is stunned by how beautiful she is, comparing her to an angel. Jewel attacks Blu at first sight before realizing that he looks just like her, being from the same species. She leads him to find an escape route (a ventilation duct), but Blu, who misinterprets her words, unknowingly attempts to kiss her. Outraged and disgusted, Jewel attacks Blu before tackling him off the tree (because of Blu's singing). Tulio and Linda leave to give them privacy because they assume they are mating. Jewel continues to attack Blu when they leave. Later, while trying to escape, she questions Blu about why he enjoys human company and cages (while Blu tries to sleep so as he puts it "this whole nightmare will be over!"). Then she is captured by a young boy named Fernando, who takes her and Blu to a band of smugglers.

Before they arrive in the smugglers' hideout, Jewel and Blu play dead, and she takes the opportunity to try to escape. Jewel bites Marcel and flies up to find a way to escape. Just as Jewel spots an escape route, (which is another vent) she is stopped by the lead smuggler's pet, a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo named Nigel. The smugglers chain Blu and Jewel together, and they are caged in a room full of trapped birds. After Nigel's performance, Jewel attempts another escape, aided and also abetted by Blu, who opens the cage (telling Jewel it's just a "standard slip slide bolt"), but his inability to fly dragged her down. Forced to move on foot, they barely manage to escape Nigel, Armando, and Tipa and head into the jungle. Jewel is frustrated by how jumpy and nervous Blu is by the objects and animals in the jungle, inculding wanting not to sleep on a tree for the night, but is impressed by his acrobatic skills as he climbs the Vista Chinesa. Blu questions the need for flying, to which Jewel replies that it is freedom for birds, and also their independence. Blu replies by saying it sounds lonely. Exhausted, the two rest at the Vista Chinesa for the night.

The next morning, Blu and Jewel try to get the chain off with one of Blu's ideas, which went wrong when Blu accidentally triggered the rope vine, which got stuck on Blu's beak as he extended his wing. Then, they were attacked by several baby toucans but are called off by their father, Rafael, who offers to take Blu and Jewel to see his friend Luiz to remove the chain. Jewel and Rafael try to teach Blu how to fly but fails when Blu hesitates at the last second, causing him and Jewel to tumble onto the cliff face below. After a few incidents in mid-air, they crash onto the beach below. Making their way into town, they meet Nico and Pedro, who, having given Blu romantic advice the day before, assume that it worked, to her annoyance. Informed that they have just missed the tram that would take them to Luiz, Jewel and Blu are taken to a birds' Samba Club. Jewel is initially unimpressed and embarrassed in the club, but when Pedro and Nico start singing, inspired by the music, Blu starts to dance, and inspires her. Encouraged by Rafael, Blu dances a beautiful duet with Jewel, before she hovers in mid-air and participates in the song's vocals. Just before they kiss, a band of marmosets throws off the tarp covering the birds' samba club, hired by Nigel to find them. After a brief stand-off, Nico and Pedro announce war against the monkeys, resulting in a battle, with Blu and Jewel working together to defeat some of the marmosets. While a trolley rolls across the Lapa Arches, Jewel remarks, "We gotta go!" and they are given a lift onto the trolley by Kipo.

Before arriving at Luiz's Garage on the trolley's roof, Jewel and Blu share some awkward and near-romantic moments, but those awkwardly ends when Blu chokes on a cherry blossom petal while trying to confess his love to Jewel. When they arrive at Luiz's Garage, Jewel is surprised (and slightly frightened) to learn that Luiz is a bulldog, and upsets him with some rude remarks. Luiz tries to saw through the chain, but in the ensuing chaos after he slips, lubricates Jewel and Blu's feet with his drool, allowing them to slip out from the chain. Jewel is overjoyed to be able to fly again but spots Blu trying to leave. She asks him to stay, but he tells her that he "can't spend the rest of his life walking around her". Angered, Jewel responds by telling him that "it's not her fault he can't fly". Blu retaliates by claiming to hate samba, much to Nico's tearful dismay. Incensed, Jewel snaps "See you around, pet!" and leaves. As she tearfully flies away, she is ambushed by Nigel. Outraged, she fights back but is quickly overpowered and captured by the cockatoo. Nigel then uses Jewel as bait to lure Blu into his trap on the smugglers' float. His plan works, and Jewel, Blu, and their friends are loaded into the smugglers' plane, which takes flight shortly afterward.

As the plane starts to head away from Rio de Janeiro, Blu escapes from his cage, frees Jewel, and cooperate to free the other caged birds. After Blu opens the plane's cargo bay hatch, the other caged birds, including Rafael, Nico, and Pedro, fly out of the plane without hesitation, except for Jewel, who hesitates when she sees that Blu is still scared to fly. As she tries to comfort him, he is suddenly attacked and pinned down by Nigel without a warning. Jewel tries to help Blu by tackling Nigel from behind, but Nigel shoves her into the plane's wall, causing a cage next to her to topple over and fall onto her left wing, breaking it. After Blu gets rid of Nigel by attaching him to a fire extinguisher, the plane starts to plummet as Nigel had flown into one of the plane's propellers, jamming it. In the confusion, Jewel slips and tumbles out of the plane into the air, desperately screaming in terror and flapping her good wing in a vain attempt to fly, but is deterred by her injury. After a moment of hesitation, Blu jumps after her, momentarily experiencing a flashback as he deliberately jumps off the plane. When Blu catches Jewel in mid-air, she reacts by calling him crazy for coming after her, but after hearing him say that he won't let her go, she kisses him. The kiss awakens the rhythm of Blu's heart, giving him a moment of clarity and instinctively extends his wings, enabling him to fly, much to both macaws' joy. Flying down to Linda, Tulio, and Fernando, Blu convinces Jewel, who is still wary around humans, to let Tulio tend to her wing. Sometime later, Jewel, who has made a full recovery, is released into the wild, joined by Blu a moment afterward.

In the last scene of the movie, Blu, Jewel, and their three chicks fly and sing in their new home.

Rio 2

A few years after the events of the first film, Blu and Jewel celebrate New Year's Eve. They are dancing, and Jewel comments on Blu's "moves" (though Blu claims it was an accident) and how great it was that Rafael could watch their kids. However, when they see Rafael dancing with Eva, they become worried. Rafael tells them he left the kids with Luiz, and to not worry. Luiz then dances by, but their kids are nowhere to be seen. Jewel and Blu ask where they are and are horrified when he informs them that he left them with Tiny. Jewel and Blu arrive to find that Carla, Bia, and Tiago are about to start a firework display, with Tiny strapped to one of the fireworks. Jewel stops Tiago from lighting the fireworks just in time as Blu takes away the matches. When Carla complains that Blu always says "no", Blu asks Jewel if he always says "no" and she automatically responds "yes", but quickly notices Blu's expression and corrects her judgment. Carla then says that Jewel is increasingly similar in personality to Blu when it comes to saying "no". As Blu's tail catches fire and the fireworks are accidentally set alight with Tiny still strapped to them, Jewel looks on with worry. As the fireworks go off, Jewel and the kids fly up to the Christ the Redeemer's arm. A moment after the firework explodes, Blu, charred and screaming, tumbles from the sky and slides to a halt beside them, leading Tiago to comment he "gets all the fun". They watch the fireworks, with Jewel leaning against Blu and watching them with contentment.

Sometime after New Year's Eve, Jewel is ecstatic when she finds a Brazil nut near the city. She flies across Rio to the Blu Bird Sanctuary, greeting Fernando with a squawk when he shouts good morning to her. She lands on The Birdhouse, calling for Blu and the kids, but finds it empty. She is momentarily confused, but then hears Blu saying "Okay, who's ready for some breakfast!", and traces the sound to Linda and Tulio's cottage's kitchen. Annoyed, she flies down to find Blu making pancakes. She is irritated, and Blu changes the subject by asking what she has. Jewel tells him that it is a Brazil nut, and wants to show the kids how to open one. Tiago then opens a can of shelled Brazil nuts, claiming that Blu "already showed us!", further annoying Jewel. Before she can start arguing with Blu, Carla exclaims that they are on television. When Jewel hears about the wild Spix's Macaws' sighting, she is surprised and steps closer to the television. She is intrigued by the fact that they might not be the last remaining members of the Spix's Macaw and suggests a trip to the Amazon to help Linda and Tulio find the other Spix's Macaws. She reinforces her idea by saying that the kids are behaving increasingly like humans and that the trip would be an opportunity for them to "connect to their roots" and see what she experienced while growing up. Blu is initially hesitant but finally agrees.

Jewel is excited about the journey but is annoyed when she sees Blu bringing a fanny pack. She doubts the GPS, and ask Blu if he trusts it. She is slightly disappointed when Carla refuses to go, but when Nico, Pedro, and Rafael join the expedition, Carla changes her decision. On their journey, Jewel is constantly annoyed by the GPS but enjoys the trip nonetheless. When they reach Manaus, she gives Blu a happy look like it's the last city they pass through before they reach the Amazon. On the boat, Jewel enjoys the fresh and clear air and notices that Blu still seems slightly uncomfortable with the trip. She tries to comfort him thanking Blu for agreeing for the trip, saying she appreciates it. Along with the others, Jewel is oblivious that Nigel, who actually survived his encounter with Blu in Rio, is following them, along with his minions Gabi the tree frog and Charlie the anteater. She sleeps beside Blu as Nigel tries to carry out his plan, but the boat's horn goes off, accidentally caused by Charlie, just as Nigel was about to strike, his plan is foiled and he and his minions hastily flee as they wake up. Instinctively, Jewel believes that Tiago did it and scolds him, despite his protests.

In the Amazon, Jewel is comfortable and happy to be back in the wild. As Bia chases Tiago, Jewel attempts to get them before they get lost. She was then abducted by one of the scouts of the Spix's Macaw Tribe, making a squawk that was heard by Tulio. They then discover the Spix's Macaw Tribe, to the travelers' delights. Jewel is ecstatic, marveling over how amazing it is. As Blu is approached by the hostile Eduardo, Jewel rushes to defend her mate, but then recognize each other - Eduardo is Jewel's long-lost father, and rebuild the story of how they got separated: She was separated from her family when the loggers came and started a fire. Eduardo has searched everywhere for her, yet failed to bring any results. Tearfully, Jewel hugs her father, who says that she looks like her mother. Eduardo was unable to believe their reunion and feels terrible that she was alone in the time they were separated, but Jewel explains that Blu found her. As Carla asks her mother if she is okay, Eduardo, startled at Carla's statement, asks Jewel in disbelief and joy if he is a grandfather, and Jewel confirms it and introduces Carla, Bia, and Tiago to him.

Eduardo flies with Jewel and her family, announcing her return to the tribe. Jewel is reunited with her aunt, Mimi, and the two hug joyously. Jewel is then reunited with Roberto, her childhood friend when he sings a "Welcome Back" song upon hearing of her return. They call each other by their playmate nicknames, ('Ju-Ju' for Jewel and 'Beto' for Roberto), and Blu starts to feel uncomfortable, telling Jewel that she never mentioned any "Roberto". She replies that there was nothing to mention, clearly not noticing Blu's unease. As Mimi breaks up Eduardo and Roberto's joke about "the bird" and starts "twanging" a twig, Jewel then recognizes the tune of the starting music and flies away to join in the dance. During the song, Roberto places a yellow flower on her head, and the two old friends dance together. Jewel requests Blu to join in the dance, but continues to dance with Roberto, making Blu feel left out. After the song, Roberto, insists that Jewel and her family move into his nest out of his generosity. He leaves for a night patrol, saying goodnight to Jewel. Jewel then sings a lullaby to Carla, Bia, and Tiago, singing them to sleep, but Tiago asks her to sing it again. Jewel gently declines, saying that it is time for bed. As the three chicks sleep, Jewel falls asleep while tucked under Blu's wing after saying that the discovery of the tribe changes everything. After a moment, her words suddenly sink in and Blu, now slightly worried, asks what's changing, but Jewel falls asleep before she can answer.

In the morning, Eduardo takes Blu out for a tour of the Sanctuary and its surroundings while Jewel and the kids explore the area. When Blu returns, Jewel asks how it went (after noticing his muddy appearance), but Eduardo interjects that they had a great time before Blu could answer that Eduardo actually (and rather bossily) tried to train Blu to be a member of the tribe. At dusk that day, Jewel and Blu watch the sunset together. Blu reminds Jewel of their plan to help Linda and Tulio find the tribe, but Jewel thinks that they should not do so for the time being [1]. As a fly buzzes by, annoying Blu, Jewel suddenly snaps at it and eats it, much to Blu's shock. At dawn the next day, Blu decides to get a Brazil nut for Jewel, her favorite but ends up trespassing on the Red Macaw Tribe's territory during his search for one. When Blu tells Eduardo and Jewel about his encounter with the Red Macaw Tribe, Jewel is angry at first as Blu doesn't even like nuts, but when he tells her he was getting it for her, Jewel is touched.

At the soccer match, Jewel cheers on the Spix's Macaw team with Mimi and the kids. She is surprised and disappointed when Blu accidentally loses the game, but when everybody leaves, she flies to him to ask him what happened. When Blu admits that he wants to go home, Jewel starts to try and reason with him that maybe the Amazon is their home, not Rio. The two end up arguing, and Jewel flies away when she tells Blu to figure out what he wants to do and to start thinking about them instead of himself. As she watches Blu leaving with his fanny pack and GPS, she is heartbroken, thinking that he might be leaving them. When Roberto later turns up in a fit-like state, telling the tribe about the loggers, Jewel is shocked and horrified that Blu is there on his own. Eduardo begins to evacuate the tribe, but Jewel refuses to leave without Blu, despite Eduardo's orders. Blu then turns up, and Jewel touches her beak with his as they reunite. Jewel gathers Carla, Bia, and Tiago as Blu tells the tribe that with his knowledge of humans and Eduardo's knowledge of the jungle, they can defeat the loggers.

During the battle with the loggers, Jewel fights alongside her family during the battle by dropping Brazil nuts on the loggers. After the battle, when the dynamite explodes with Blu and Nigel right beneath it, Jewel, terrified and worried for Blu, calls out to him, desperately trying to see him through the plume of smoke. When the tribe finds Blu and Nigel, Jewel rushes to Blu's side, but when she sees Nigel, Jewel is clearly surprised as she hadn't expected him to survive his encounter with Blu in Rio. As Nigel charges toward Blu and Jewel, Jewel shields Carla with her wings, but Gabi drags Nigel away with the intention of showering him with love, much to Nigel's dismay.

Later that night, Jewel celebrates "Amazon Untamed" with her family. As they dance, Jewel asks Blu about whether he is positive that he is comfortable living in the Amazon, he assures her that he is "totally wild", but a spider then appears beside him and scares Blu, and Jewel catches Blu in her wings as he instinctively recoils. Jewel suggests that they could spend summers in Rio, to which Blu agrees, saying "You're my one and only, Jewel".

Rio: Snakes Alive!

In the Rio: Snakes Alive! novel, Jewel is first seen living in the Blu Bird Sanctuary with Blu, raising her family sometime before the events of the second novel. Like their kids, Jewel is worried about the sanctuary's economic woes. However, she suggests that even if the sanctuary is sold, the macaw family could live in the wild, reminding Blu that they are birds. Blu is not thrilled about the idea, reminding their kids about the dangers of the wild, but this only excites them further. He agrees that they might someday travel there, foreshadowing the events of Rio 2, but would prefer to save the sanctuary first.

When told that they need money, Jewel and her children ask Blu what money is and how to get some. After Blu explains the definition of money to them and decides to go to Luiz, Jewel follows Blu and her family. On their way to the city, the family runs into a snake, which scares Blu. Jewel exasperatedly informs Blu that it is only a forest racer, a frog-eating snake. After Luiz explains the legend of the Pedra da Gávea, Jewel agrees to leave the kids with Nico, Pedro, and Rafael in order to help Blu on his quest. While she does not completely trust Luiz's ideas, she agrees that it's worth a shot if it means saving the sanctuary. Upon arriving at the jungle, Blu is scared and jumpy, while Jewel tries to calm him, reminding him that it is their natural habitat. Nevertheless, Blu is caught off-guard and frightened by a baby bat named Basil, which causes her to scream. Basil, surprised, does so too and drops his stick friend, Jeffrey. Basil's colony then arrives and begins to chase Blu and Jewel. The two run away and finally, reach the Pedra da Gávea.

At the rock, Jewel is excited alongside Blu when they find the supposed elixir to regrow hair, which they plan to lead Linda and Tulio to so that they may sell it. When Jewel sets off to find an alternate exit where Linda and Tulio can fit through, Blu warns her of the supposed guardian of the cave, which Jewel waves aside, assuring him nothing could have lived there for so many years and still be alive. When the bat colony arrives and begins to destabilize the cave walls, Jewel is saved from a falling rock by Blu, and the two become stuck in a cave-in. After being rescued by their children (who escaped their babysitters by fooling them into playing a game of hide-and-seek), Blu and Jewel run into Ssssalbatore, who begins to attack them. As Blu tries to fight off the creature, he warns Jewel to fly away with their children before they are hurt. Like Blu, she thinks they are safe after they escape the cave, but flees with her family again when Ssssalbatore bursts through the rock. After the anaconda finds their hiding spot, Blu and the bat colony, now allied with them, once more attempt to fight off the snake while Jewel leads the children to safety. She then follows Blu as he grabs on to the anaconda and is dragged throughout Rio de Janeiro. She helps to catch him as the snake falls off a cliff and into the ocean.

At the end of the novel, Blu and Jewel lead Linda and Tulio to the elixir, only to find it gone. However, she rejoices along with Blu when Tulio discovers that the bats are an undiscovered species, and proposes to Linda that they earn money by studying and writing books about them. In the closing scenes, Jewel is seen in the macaw family's nest, happy to be reunited with her family and helped Blu saved the sanctuary.


She has light blue feathers, unlike Blu, whose feathers have a dark shade of blue. Her feathers are silky, smooth, and shiny, and her wings and tail are darker than the rest of her plumage. She is slightly shorter and more slender than her mate, Blu. Her eyes are big, slightly larger then Blu's, and are turquoise in color. She has darker blue eyelids with a lavender tint, similar to that of her aunt, Mimi. She has white facial markings extending from around her eyes to the bottom of her beak around the chin area. She has long, batting, dark eyelashes which curl up erect from her eyes. She has a dense cluster of gently-curved feathers on the back of her head and no feathers on her neck, unlike Blu. She also has a straighter neck. Jewel has a light grey beak and sharp talons.

Personality and Traits

Jewel is initially fiercely independent, with a love of freedom. She has a funky attitude and thinks more about escaping and flying than anything else. She is very distrustful of humans probably because she lost her family, which was strongly proven when she badly scratched one of Tulio's assistants in his aviary, and doesn't think much of the "pet" bird Blu. After their duet at the Samba Club, however, she warms up to Blu considerably. When he jumps out of the smugglers' plane after her, she is touched to the point of kissing him passionately. With encouragement from Blu, she seems to overcome her distrust of humans, allowing Tulio to tend to her injury.

Stubborn, feisty, and focused on her own ideas, Jewel is the kind of spunky girl who likes what she likes, thinks what she thinks, and acts far before realizing what she's got herself into. She is a hard-to-get-girl from Blu's point of view (as expressed from Rio's theme song). Despite her scowl, she is a beautiful gem, and also possesses a softer and more understanding side, shown when she feels that someone's feelings have been hurt (and not from some rude comment).

She is extremely short tempered and aggressive as she tackles blue.

In conclusion, Jewel has a split-personality; a hard, selfish side, and a sweet, understanding side which just might be the true Jewel. Notably, Jewel was brave to help Blu fighting Ssssalbatore the anaconda. It has been also known that Jewel was brave enough to fight Nigel.

In Rio 2, Jewel has become a more kind and caring bird, openly showing her affection and adoration for Blu. Motherhood has also been shown to have greatly changed Jewel, and it is now easier for her to show her warm side. She is a kind, supportive and sweet mother for her children, hugging them at various points in the movie, and singing them a sweet lullaby when they spend their first night in the Amazon, in Roberto's nest after finding the Spix's Macaw Tribe. She is excited to travel to the Amazon, hoping to be able to show her children the wonders of life in the wild. She is also annoyed, while simultaneously amused, by Tiago's mischievous habits. However, she still wants to be a wild bird. Bringing in Brazil Nuts, to Linda and Tulio's house, wanting to stay at the tribe, thinking Blu's Fanny Pack is silly, and not approving pancakes (Waffles in Rio: Snakes Alive) for breakfast.

Primary Relationship


Blu and Jewel's first meeting did not turn out well and was instead a disaster. But throughout the ensuing events, Jewel fell for Blu. It wasn't until Blu jumped out of the plane that she realized he truly loved her, he said while falling "I'm not gonna let you go! We're chained to each other birds remember?" The two had three chicks, Bia, Carla, and Tiago, who appear at the end of Rio and once again in Rio 2.

Additional Information

Jewel is not impressed when she first meets Blu. She is angered by his attempt to kiss her, as he is using advice from Nico and Pedro, and becomes condescending when she finds out he is a "pet", and is further annoyed with his inability to fly. When Rafael tries to teach Blu how to fly by jumping off of the side of the cliff, Jewel plays around with Blu when he is wary of putting his wing around her:

Rafael: "Closer...! Ooh. Nice. Now put your wings around each other."

Blu: *startled* "What?"

Rafael: "Come on, amigo! It's not like she's gonna bite! Will you?"

Jewel: "We'll see."

It isn't until they dance together at the Samba Club that Jewel starts to warm up to Blu. During the trolley ride to Luiz's Garage, she finds it sweet when he begins to choke just before he was going to confess his feelings to her, unaware that he was actually choking on a cherry blossom petal. After their de-chaining and argument, Jewel cries as she flies off. When Blu puts his fears aside and jumps out of the smugglers' plane after her, she realizes he loves her, since Blu risked his life to save her.

In Rio 2, Jewel is a caring and supportive mate to Blu, though she is still irritated by his habit of making the kids pancakes, and his reliance on human objects. Still, her life was transformed by him, and she loves him despite his awkwardness and is seen dancing and kissing him at the New Year's celebration in the movie. During their time in the Amazon, she briefly argues with Blu over his desire to leave, with Jewel telling him to stop thinking about himself, and start thinking about his family. Jewel is also disheartened when Blu appears to fly over to Linda's position after he reminds her of their initial plan of coming to the Amazon Rainforest. However, she refuses to comply with Eduardo's orders to evacuate when Roberto reports about the loggers' arrival, telling him that Blu is her family. When Blu does come back, they touch beaks, glad to see each other again. Just after the battle with the loggers, Jewel calls out to Blu when the dynamite explodes with Blu and Nigel beneath it, and shortly afterward lands next to him when they find Blu, relieved that he is alright. At the "Amazon Untamed" performance, they dance together. Jewel asks Blu if he is comfortable living in the Amazon, she is surprised when he says that he is "Mr. Jungle" and "very birdly". After he is startled by a spider and jumps into her wings, she says, "Maybe we can do summers in Rio", (strongly implying that the Birdhouse will be repurposed as their summer home) and is also touched when he says, "You're my one and only, Jewel".

Secondary Relationships


Eduardo is Jewel's protective father and the leader of the remaining clan of the Spix's Macaw Tribe who have been hiding in the Amazon Rainforest in a location yet uncharted by humans, also known as the Sanctuary. She is tearfully reunited with him when she and her family are discovered by the Spix's Macaw Tribe's scouts. With help from Eduardo, they slowly piece together fragments on how they were separated, along with the rest of her family at a young age, due to a forest fire caused by loggers. Jewel shows her father great respect, often complying with his actions, until she even overrode her and Blu's original plan to help Linda and Tulio find the Spix's Macaw Tribe, saying that her father "knows what he's doing". She is also very loving towards him, calling him "daddy" and kissing him on the cheek in the morning. However, she draws the line when Eduardo orders the tribe to evacuate from the loggers, but Jewel defiantly refuses to obey him when she learns that Blu is in great danger, and instead wants to go back for Blu (to help the tribe and location).


Roberto is Jewel's childhood friend. Jewel is joyful to see him again, and Roberto greets her back into the tribe with a "Welcome Back" song. The past relationship between the two ignites jealousy in Blu, as he fears Roberto will take Jewel away from him. Despite Blu's paranoia, Jewel shows no feelings other than simple friendship towards Roberto. She danced with him during the "Beautiful Creatures" song, but this was probably because she was rejoiced to return to her home and wanted to reconnect with everyone she thought she had lost. She also wanted Blu to join but he couldn't because of so many birds celebrating. She was even invited to come into his nest (because he was on patrol tonight) Jewel was amazed when she came in how big and pretty it was.


Being Jewel's aunt, she and Mimi are very close. Mimi loves her niece, expressing obvious excitement and joy at their reunion and affectionately calling Jewel her "little wildflower". Mimi is the only one who accepts Blu in the Spix's Macaw Tribe, and she welcomes both Jewel and her mate into the Spix's Macaw Tribe. When Eduardo shows disapproval of his son-in-law, Mimi reminds Eduardo that Jewel is all grown up and that he must honor her choice of mate, regardless of what he thinks.

Nico and Pedro

Jewel is not amused with Nico and Pedro, but after knowing them with Blu she quickly befriends them; however, she ignores them most of the time. After being freed from the chain link in Rio, they join her flying above Luiz's Garage, suggesting that she considers them as friends. She is also fine with them accompanying her and her family to the Amazon, showing that she respects and appreciates them.

In the Rio: Snakes Alive! novel, it is shown that Jewel's trust in them has increased, as she now allows them, along with Rafael, to babysit their kids.


Jewel respects Rafael's wisdom and intelligence, trusting him to lead her and Blu to Luiz. She finds his mate and children a little extreme, but she respects and trusts him.

In Rio 2 and Rio: Snakes Alive! novel, she shows that she trusts him to babysit her kids. It is also shown that they are now good friends, Rafael greeting Jewel and Blu at New Year's Eve and accompanying Jewel and her family to the Amazon.


At the beginning of the story, Jewel is greatly distrustful and hostile towards humans, badly scratching one of Tulio's lab assistants. However, Blu is able to convince her to let Tulio tend to her broken wing. When her wing is healed, Jewel lets Tulio carry her up to the Blu Bird Sanctuary's tower, suggesting that she now trusts him. It is also unknown how he found Jewel in the first place.


Jewel has next to no interaction with Linda during the first movie, but judges her for being a human, believing that if Linda was to find them in the smugglers' hideout, she would "stick us [Jewel and Blu] behind another set of bars". In the sequel, there is a picture in the kitchen showing her perched on Tulio's arm, shown that Jewel has grown used to him and has possibly grown to like him.


Jewel and Nigel are mortal enemies and seem to despise each other. Jewel is not afraid of Nigel, despite his cruel nature. On several occasions, Jewel attempted to attack Nigel, but every time she tried she was overpowered by him. Their first encounter went terribly, as Nigel grabbed her neck to prevent her from escaping the smugglers' hideout. She showed disgust and anger during his "Pretty Bird" song, scowling at him throughout the entire song. He grabbed her neck again when flying away from Blu. In the smugglers' plane, he pushed her so she could not help Blu being chocked, a cage fell on her and broke her wing, and Nigel said: "now we have two useless, flightless birds".

In Rio 2, Jewel was shocked to see that he was alive and had been bent on revenge against Blu and his family, and briefly frightened when he tried to attack her and her family. Even though Nigel said he would be nicer after she flew away (because being in love with a frog was unnatural) she took off anyways.


Initially scared when she first notices he's a bulldog, especially when she was afraid of his drool. Jewel's mood quickly turns to revulsion over his incessant drooling. They are friends, however, despite Jewel's opinion of his drooling. In Rio 2, she expresses concern when Rafael tells her and Blu that he left their kids in Luiz's care, showing that she doesn't completely trust him.

Bia, Carla, and Tiago

Jewel has three children with Blu: Bia, Carla, and Tiago. She is a caring, loving, and supportive mother to all of them. She seems to have the closest relationship with Carla, but she loves all three of them dearly. Jewel even kisses them good night and sings them a lullaby in the Amazon to help them sleep. It's shown that she wants the best for them, as she tries to persuade Blu that they should stay in the Amazon because the kids love being in the wild. She also brings them a Brazil nut, to teach them how to open one, showing that she wants them to be prepared for their future life.


  • Singing
    • In the Samba Club she was carried away by the song "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)," and she sang along with it. Also, she was singing once she was free, and finally, in the sanctuary in the jungle, during the first part of the closing credits ("Real in Rio"), she sings along with Blu and their chicks.
    • In the Amazon, she sings "Don't Go Away" to her children as a lullaby to help them sleep.
  • Dancing
    • Also in the Samba Club, when she saw Blu dancing, she danced along with him, warming up the relationship between the two. Also, she dances with her family in the Amazon, in "Beautiful Creatures" and "Batucada Familia".
  • Flying
  • Self-Defense
    • She used physical force against Nigel twice in the first movie. Although she was overpowered both times, she is still a bird that doesn't give up a fight.
    • She also used the chain on her and Blu's leg as a weapon to fight the marmosets in the birds fight.
  • Talons
    • She was seen gripping Blu's throat.
    • She also used her talons in her attempts to fight Nigel.
  • Speaking in Portuguese (the language they speak in Brazil, where she spent all of her life. ("Quem é você? Quê está fazendo aqui?" means "Who are you? What are you doing here?")
    • However, she only speaks English in the novel.
  • Playing Dead
  • Opening Brazil Nuts
  • Opening Cages
    • She is seen towards the end of the movie letting the Neurotic Bird out of her cage (it didn't have a lock like her and Blu's cage.)


  • Jewel is a deuteragonist in Rio and Rio 2, though Anne Hathaway is listed first in the opening and end credits due to her having top billing in the movie.
    • Despite her role as a deuteragonist in Rio and Rio 2, she recited comparably more script than other characters in the series.
  • On most posters of Rio, Jewel is seen with a pink trumpet tree flower on her head. However, this is only intended for promotional purposes.
  • It is unknown how Jewel was kept in Tulio's aviary when she first met Blu, and when she healed from her broken wing after her and Blu's encounter with Nigel.
  • When Blu and Jewel first met, she speaks in Portuguese. However, she switches to English when she realizes Blu that only speaks American English.
  • The fate of Jewel's parents wasn't revealed in Rio, but her father appears in the sequel.
    • It is heavily implied in Rio 2: The Junior Novel that her mother has been long deceased. in the novel, Jewel looks hopefully at Eduardo when he mentions her mother, but his expression reveals that she is gone.
  • In Rio 2, Jewel discovers that her long-lost father and his clan have been hiding in the Amazon Rainforest, where their habitat is under threat.
  • In Rio 2, she is reunited with her childhood friend, Roberto, who unknowingly stirs up Blu's jealousy. She is also reunited with her aunt, Eduardo's older sister Mimi.
  • Jewel's name in Spanish and French is "Perla", "Jade" in Brazilian Portuguese, "Jóia" in European Portuguese, "Жемчужинка" ("Zhemchuzhinka") in Russian, and "쥬엘" in Korean.
  • Jewel participates in a song in Rio 2, "Don't Go Away".
  • According to Eduardo, Jewel closely resembles her mother.
  • In Rio 2, it is revealed that Jewel was separated from her family when loggers came and caused a fire, where the flames and smoke caused Jewel and her family to be separated. Eduardo later went back for Jewel, but couldn't find her.
  • In Rio 2, it's revealed that Brazil nuts are her favorite food.
  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, a different version of Rio 2, Jewel is the one who unties Linda and Tulio from the tree instead of Blu in the movie.



  • "Quem é você? Quê que você está fazendo aqui?" ("Who are you? What are you doing here?")
  • "Quê?" ("What?")
  • "Oh, you're an American."
  • "You look like me."
  • "Come on, we don't have much time."
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Whoa! Hey! What are you doing?!"
  • "I am trying to escape."
  • "Did you actually think we were gonna kiss?!"
  • "We just met!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry, sleepyhead, I'm trying to escape."
  • "Oh, what was I thinking?"
  • "I wouldn't expect a pet to understand."
  • "Incredible!"
  • "You would rather be with a-a-a human, than with your own kind!"
  • "Yeah, well, because of them, I've lost everything."
  • "You can't trust them!"
  • "Shh. Play dead."
  • "Just do it!"
  • "Stop twitching."
  • "Well, why didn't you follow me?"
  • "I'm not panicking."
  • "Oh great! And then she'll stick us behind another set of bars, right?"
  • "Look pet, cages might work for you, but I don't want to belong to anyone."
  • "No, I am definitely not okay!"
  • "Getting out of here. Are you gonna help me or what?"
  • "No one is coming."
  • "We're on our own and if we just sit here, we're going to die!"
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "Come on, let's fly."
  • "Blu, you are crazy, what are you doing?!"
  • "What? You can't what?"
  • "You couldn't tell me this before now?!"
  • "I hate you."
  • "Is there anything else I need to know?!"
  • "We gotta get outta here."
  • "Move, run, just move."
  • "Inside outside! Inside Outside!
  • "Oh this is great."
  • "I'm chained to the only bird in the world who can't fly!"
  • "Duck."
  • "No! DUCK!"
  • "A stick."
  • "It's just a rock."
  • "Will you quit it?!"
  • "It's just a leaf, turn around."
  • "Leaf, told ya."
  • "We need to find a safe place to spend the night."
  • "Look, I hate to break it to you, but this is where our kind naturally lives."
  • "That is why we stay in the trees and not on the ground."
  • "After you."
  • "I can't believe I have to drag your clumsy butt up there."
  • "Haha, very funny."
  • "Birds, birds need flying."
  • "Flying is... it's freedom and not having to rely on anyone. Don't you want that?"
  • "Let's get some sleep."
  • "Good night."
  • "Are you sure this is gonna work?"
  • "Yes, that's...comforting, thank you."
  • "Let's just get this chain broken."
  • "No, you can go find Linda."
  • "Once this chain is off, I'm gonna go back to being free in the jungle, deal?"
  • "Nice try, brainiac."
  • "Oh, be careful, Blu."
  • "They might snuggle you to death."
  • "Ah, precious, aren't they?"
  • "Do you know how to get"
  • "I guess love is deaf, too."
  • "Bobo here can't fly."
  • "You're not an ostrich."
  • "You're sure you're up for this?"
  • "We'll see."
  • "Hey, if you wanna see Linda again, this is the only way."
  • "Yes I am."
  • "Easy breezy!"
  • "Inside outside, inside-outside."
  • "Come on, Blu, you can do it!"
  • "Oh, not AGAIN!"
  • "No, we're still alive, haha!
  • "See what you've been missing?"
  • "No, Blu, don't!"
  • "You think?"
  • "For a bird who can't fly, oh yeah."
  • "I'm gonna chew through my own leg if this thing doesn't come off soon."
  • "Oh, great."
  • "Blu, what are you doing?"
  • "In your little monkey dreams."
  • "We gotta go!"
  • "Wow, what a beautiful sunset."
  • "Uh, okay, yeah, sure, they're nice."
  • "It's pretty funny that you're getting choked up. (until she realizes it)"
  • "Oh, you're chocking!"
  • "Come on, Blu! Stay with me! One... more... time!"
  • No No No It's okay just...(they bump into each other)
  • "Guess things like this don't happen in Tiny-Soda."
  • "Inside outside! Inside outside!"
  • "Wait, Luiz is a bulldog?"
  • "I do when they're drooling on me."
  • "Woo-hoo! Yeah! Come on, guys, let's go!"
  • "Fly! Fly like a bird!"
  • "Hey, where you going?"
  • "Blu, what's wrong?"
  • "I guess I thought maybe..."
  • "No, that's not what I meant."
  • "Hey, it's not my fault you can't fly."
  • "Fine! See you around, pet!"
  • "Oh yeah, I was just on my way to CLAW YOUR EYES OUT!"
  • "You'll never find him. He's already gone."
  • "No, Blu, you can't be here."
  • "You have to go!"
  • "Nigel..."
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "Come on we need to get out!"
  • "It's okay. Hey, it's okay!"
  • "Let him go!"
  • "Ow. My wing!"
  • "Blu, you're flying!"

Rio 2

  • "For a bird from Minnesota, you've got some moves."
  • "It's great that Rafael could watch the kids."
  • "You're my one and only, Blu."
  • "Our kids!
  • "Tiny?!"
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa, where you going, little bird?"
  • "Yes. I mean, no."
  • "Hey, everyone look what I found."
  • "Blu? Kids? Where did everybody...?"
  • "Unbelievable."
  • "Blu, we talked about this."
  • "Breakfast."
  • "It's a Brazil nut!"
  • "I thought I'd never find one this close to the city."
  • "I want to show the kids how to open one."
  • "We're not the only ones!"
  • "There are more of us out there!"
  • "All this time...I thought we were alone."
  • "Of course not! But just imagine if there were a whole flock of us?"
  • "How amazing would that be?"
  • "We gotta do something."
  • "We have to go the Amazon to help Linda and Tulio find them!"
  • "Why not?"
  • "It's about time this family got a little air under their wings!"
  • "Look at us! iPods. TV. Pancakes?"
  • "We're not people, we're birds."
  • "We have to go out into the wild and be birds, Blu!"
  • "Let the kids connect to their roots, show them what I had!"
  • "They need this, we need this."
  • "Come on Blu, what do you say?"
  • "It's gonna be so much fun!"
  • "All right, we ready to go?"
  • "A fanny pack?"
  • "Carla, we're leaving!"
  • "You trust this woman?"
  • "Eva let you come?"
  • "This air! So fresh and full!"
  • "Goodbye, stinky city air!"
  • "Hey, thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it."
  • "Of course I do."
  • "Tiago! Stop fooling around!"
  • "I'll get them - Bia, Tiago!"
  • "I can't believe we found them!"
  • "Hey! Back off!"
  • "I can't believe it..."
  • "When the loggers came..."
  • "There was... fire...and so much smoke..."
  • "...Gone."
  • "I'm here!
  • "Daddy!"
  • "I missed you."
  • "It's okay, Dad. I wasn't alone. Blu found me."
  • "Daddy, this is Carla, Bia, and Tiago."
  • "Aunt Mimi? Aunt Mimi!"
  • "Just go with it."
  • "Roberto?!"
  • "So do you!"
  • "We did, I called him Beto."
  • "There was nothing to mention."
  • "I remember this song!"
  • "I'm so exhausted!"
  • "That's very nice, Beto..."
  • "Wow, this is incredible!"
  • "Goodnight."
  • "Time for bed now."
  • "What an amazing day."
  • "I never let myself... hope that they were alive, but... but they are."
  • "We've found our family, Blu."
  • "This changes everything."
  • "Morning, daddy."
  • "Morning, sweetie."
  • "What are you talking about?"
  • "You sleep in everyday."
  • "That's a great idea!"
  • "You go have fun with Daddy while I look around with the kids."
  • "He is just happy everyone's here."
  • "Besides, it won't kill you to leave behind the fanny pack."
  • "Bye, honey! Have fun!"
  • "Tiago!"
  • "Hey, you're back, Oh... how did it go?"
  • "Hey sweetie, there you are, what's taking you so long?"
  • "Enough with that GPS, really."
  • "The whole tribe is gathering to watch the sunset."
  • "Come on!"
  • "Blu, my dad knows what he's doing."
  • "Can't you just forget about Linda and Tulio for one minute and enjoy a sunset?"
  • "Maybe some things shouldn't be found."
  • "Maybe they should just be left alone."
  • "What a glorious morning!"
  • "I almost forgot I could have mornings like this."
  • "You remembered, isn't that nice?"
  • "It's so crazy good, thank you so much Blu."
  • "Hey, whoa! What's going on?"
  • "You don't even like nuts."
  • "What's gotten into you, Blu?"
  • "You were?"
  • "Blu he's right, maybe you should let Daddy and Roberto handle it."
  • "I just don't know if it's your exact area of expertise..."
  • "Hey, what happened back there?"
  • "We should talk about this."
  • "Blu, look around."
  • "The kids are thriving, they love being in the wild."
  • "Maybe this place is home."
  • "You know what, you need to figure out what you want. And maybe stop thinking about just yourself and start thinking about us!"
  • "What! By himself?!"
  • "Dad, no, not this time, I'm not going with you!"
  • "Blu is my family and I'm not leaving him behind!"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Incoming!"
  • "Blu!"
  • "You sure you can make the Amazon our home?"
  • "With the hot and creepy bugs?"
  • "Maybe we can do Summers in Rio."
  • "Aww..."

Rio: Snakes Alive!

  • "Waffles, Tiago. Your dad really loves that human food."
  • "It would be hard to leave, but even if worse comes to worst, we'll figure something out. We're birds!"
  • "We could live in the wild!"
  • "I was wondering that myself, Blu."
  • "It sounds great!"
  • "Right! They have enough to worry about. We'll be back before they can notice we're gone."
  • "It's just a forest racer Blu!"
  • "They only eat frogs."
  • "We're perfectly safe."
  • "When you weren't at the garage, we thought you might be here, watching them set up the festival."
  • "I know, I know. But we'll just have to go to this Pedra de Gavea and see!"
  • "Even if it takes longer?"
  • "Even if the idea of this elixir is, oh, I don't know... completely crazy?"
  • "It's okay. I understand. Of course we have to try."
  • "I knew this would be a big adventure. I just didn't know how big!"
  • "Quit worrying! We're birds!"
  • "This is our natural habitat!"
  • "For what? A shadow?"
  • "Calm down! It's just a baby bat!"
  • "Blu, look!"
  • "We're here."
  • "Now what?"
  • "Luiz said people have tried to get in, but couldn't find any entrance!"
  • "It looks bigger on the inside!"
  • "Do you realize what this means? The story Luiz told... It's real!"
  • "Let's hope it works!"
  • "That's okay-- they just have to sell it to one bald guy, remember? Should be enough for him."
  • "We'll have to find another way in!"
  • "Don't you see how old this place is? Nothing could live in here that long!"
  • "Forest Racers don't get that big. It is just a picture."
  • "Not birds..."
  • "Blu, they're all over the place. There are so many, they're knocking down pieces of the wall!"
  • "Careful! You'll cause a cave-in!"
  • "Aiee!"
  • "No Blu, it's them!"
  • "What are you going to do?"
  • "Are you alright?"
  • "Why don't we just fly away?"
  • "Bia, Carla, Tiago, Blu-- I love you!"
  • "I'm coming, Blu!"
  • "Hang on, Blu!"
  • "Blu, just fly off!"
  • "Whatever you do, don't turn left!"
  • "I said NOT to turn left!"

Rio: The Junior Novel

  • "Ha! Not if you're the last Spix's macaw on earth!"
  • "And you're not one of them."
  • "How did you..."
  • "Blu! You shouldn't have come!"

Rio 2: The Junior Novel

  • "I couldn't be happier."
  • "It's been so long."
  • "Aunt Mimi, you haven't changed a bit."
  • "Good morning sweetie."
  • "Tiago I'll race ya."
  • "Last one to the waterfall is a rotten egg."
  • "Remember how I was when I met you?"
  • "Easy there partner. I was wild, these are wild birds."
  • "We have to be culturally sensitive while we're here."
  • "I don't know, Blu."
  • "Have fun honey."
  • "It's so crazy good. Thank you so much Roberto."
  • "Stop it Beto."
  • "Hey it'll be alright."
  • "I know it hasn't been easy for you to adjust here."
  • "Maybe you just need to give it more time."
  • "Daddy and Roberto can help you-"
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa. My family is your family."
  • "Oh I see what this is about."
  • "Maybe you need to open your eyes and think about us instead of just yourself."
  • "Blu is our family now, too!"
  • "I can't lose Blu. I love you dad."
  • "No baby, you can't. It's too dangerous.
  • "But I want you to stick together with Pop-pop!"
  • "Daddy and I will find you, okay?"
  • "It's Nigel!"
  • "So it's settled? We'll make the jungle our home."
  • "Thank you Blu. This means so much to me."
  • "You're still my one and only."
  • "Especially because you're not!"

Rio: Match 3 Party

  • "I am so ready to get this party started."
  • "Any friend of Blu is a friend of mine!"
  • "Watch it with all that poking."
  • "Is that... a spider? Oh. Don't let Blu see that!"
  • "Oh! Is it time to dance already?"
  • "You should poke Blu. He's the mastermind behind this."
  • "You seem to have quite a grip on things."
  • "Don't worry. I'll make sure everything goes smoothly."
  • "A friendly hug is just what I need!"
  • "Hi there! You ready to go on an adventure?"
  • "Hey! Careful with the cold fingers, pal."


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  1. " *sigh* Can't you forget about Linda and Tulio for one minute and enjoy a sunset?" - Jewel