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Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games
Voice Jake T. Austin
Character information
Species Human
Gender Male
Alias Kid (r. by Marcel)
Boy (r. by Tulio)
Egg-boy (r. by Tipa)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Olive skin
Brown hair
Eyes Hazel
Friends Linda (adoptive mother)

Tulio (adoptive father)

Enemies Nigel


Fate Living
Likes Being with family
Dislikes Being homeless

Stealing birds

Quote "I know where your birds are!"

Fernando is a young Brazilian orphan boy (later adopted by Linda and Tulio in Rio) who initially worked for the smugglers, but when the smugglers care less about him, he later helps Linda and Tulio find Blu and Jewel.



After being let into Tulio's aviary by Nigel, Fernando captures Blu and Jewel and brings them to Marcel. He is only paid half of what he was promised, and later overhears that the smugglers don't care about what happens to their captives. This starts to make Fernando feel guilty. After leaving the smugglers' hideout, he climbs onto a rooftop, presumably his makeshift home. As he leans back, he feels an itch on his back and pulls out a blue feather which belonged to Blu (resulting in more guilt).

When Fernando sees a "lost" poster of Blu the next morning, his guilt finally gets to him about taking Blu and Jewel, and he returns to the aviary, telling Linda and Tulio that he knows where Blu and Jewel are.

When they reach the smugglers' hideout and discover the birds are already gone, Fernando confesses his part in stealing Blu and Jewel. When Tipa and Armando arrive in the room, questioning Fernando, Linda and Tulio hide behind a stack of crates, Fernando slowly gleans the smugglers' plan and relay them to Linda and Tulio: to use the Carnival parade as a means of escaping with their birds. While Fernando goes with the smugglers, Linda and Tulio also depart to infiltrate the Carnival.

After the smugglers break from the main Carnival parade after Nigel captures Blu, Fernando attempts to free them when they were loading the other captured birds, but is caught by Nigel and Marcel. Marcel attempts to drag Fernando away, but he decides not to go and escapes after he bites Marcel's hand. Tulio and Linda arrive to intervene shortly afterwards, hoping to let the plane collide with their float, but they were too late to stop the smugglers from leaving the airstrip, and all three watch dejectedly as the plane flies away. However, a few hours later at dawn, Fernando hears a familiar squawk of a Spix's Macaw, and immediately notifies Linda and Tulio that Blu has returned with an injured Jewel in his talons, unable to fly because of her broken wing.

After Jewel makes a full recovery from her broken wing, she and Blu are released back into the wild at the end of Rio. Fernando is shown to be a volunteer at the Blu Bird Sanctuary, along with Linda and Tulio.

In Rio's ending credits, several photos show that Fernando, Linda and Tulio have come together as a family of all sorts, and Linda and Tulio later adopt him. He is also seen on a three-seater bicycle with Linda and Tulio. He is also seen with Linda and Tulio at the opening of their new bookstore, called Livraria Blu.

Rio: Snakes Alive!

Fernando makes a brief appearance in the graphic novel. He is seen in the Blu Bird Sanctuary, playing a handheld game console while Linda gives Blu some waffles.

Rio 2

He makes a very brief appearance at the beginning of the film. Now older (he is 16 years old, according to Rio 2: The Junior Novel and The Art of Rio: Featuring a Carnival of Art From Rio and Rio 2), he takes care of the Blu Bird Sanctuary while his adoptive parents go out for an expedition to the Amazon to do research on avian fauna. He is briefly seen calling out a greeting to Jewel, who squawks in reply.


Fernando is 12 years old in Rio, and 16 years old in Rio 2. He is a Brazilian boy, who has tan skin, black hair and hazel colored eyes. In Rio, he wears a yellow tank top with green outlines and a number 10 on the chest.


Fernando is a kind-hearted boy. He was only working for the smugglers so he would get paid. He apologized to Blu and Jewel when he hung up their cage amongst the other birds, and even inquired as to their fate afterwards. He would later attempt to set them free when the smugglers were loading them on the plane.

Fernando is also quite streetsmart as he is able to quickly trade Tulio's jeep for a motorcycle, showing a level of trade savviness.


  • Driving
    • Seen driving a motorcycle swiftly through the slums of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Bicycling along with Linda and Tulio (in the ending credits of Rio)
  • Speaking Portuguese
  • Climbing
    • Seen when he goes to a rooftop after putting Blu and Jewel to the smugglers' room for the captured birds


  • He used to help bird smugglers to make money, now he's a caretaker of a sanctuary to protect the jungle and the animals that live there.
  • In the search for Blu and Jewel, he traded Tulio's jeep for a motorcycle.
  • For a kid at his age, it is impressive how street smart he is. For example, he can drive a motorcycle, make his own home on the streets, and somehow quickly was able to find someone to trade Tulio's Jeep for a motorcycle.
  • Fernando acts as a double agent in the movie; he works for both sides, eventually switching over to good.
  • In the ending credits, a photo is shown of Fernando, Linda, and Tulio riding a "three-seater" tandem bicycle.
  • Marcel commented that Fernando reminded him of himself as a child: smart and resourceful.
  • In some ways, Fernando is similar to Aladdin; they both are paupers and hang out on the streets, and transport on roofs.
  • Fernando's real parents' identities were never revealed in the movies.
    • However, because he is so smart, his parents couldn't have abandoned him. They could have just been sadly separated by accident, or one or both of his parents died (if one died, maybe one just could not take care of him).
  • Fernando is one of the few Blue Sky Studios' characters to be anti-heroes.
  • Although he's just barely seen in Rio 2, he was previously meant to be the one to find the Spix's Macaw feather in the jungle, as shown in a deleted scene.
  • When Fernando became Tulio and Linda's adoptive son, it is unknown if he took the last name "Monteiro" or "Gunderson."
  • In the Junior Novel of Rio 2, they say he is 16.
  • In Rio: Snakes Alive, Fernando's handheld gaming console strongly resembles a GameBoy Advance
    • Despite this, the GameBoy Advance had released in 2001, the Nintendo 3DS was the current generation handheld at the time of release of both Rio Films


Quotes from Rio

  • "Hey, this is only half of what you promised me."
  • "Sorry, guys. Nothing personal."
  • "So, what's going to happen to them?"
  • "But I don't have a mama!"
  • "Hey, lady! American lady!"
  • "Wow."
  • "I know where your birds are."
  • "Come on! I'll take you to them!"
  • "Don't worry, I'm on it."
  • "I traded it for your Jeep!"
  • "Yeah. It's in great condition!"
  • "Well... Good condition!"
  • "What?"
  • "But - the birds were here!"
  • "I swear! The birds were right here!"
  • "Because... I'm... I'm the one who took them."
  • "I didn't want to hurt anybody...! I just... I needed the money."
  • "Hey, guys!"
  • "I just wanted to see... if you had any work for me."
  • "So why are you dressed for Carnival?"
  • "Oh — oh, a float!"
  • "So you guys are going to the parade?"
  • "Can I come? I'm a great dancer!"
  • "I'm gonna get you guys out of here."
  • "Nothing!"
  • "Linda! Look!"

Quote from Rio 2


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