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Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Voice Philip Lawrence
Character information
Species Green Winged Macaw, Scarlet Macaw
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Red plumage
Yellow, blue and green wings
White and gray beak
Eyes Green
Friends Red Macaw Tribe
Enemies Eduardo (formerly)
Blu (formerly)
Roberto (formerly)
Spix's Macaw Tribe (formerly)
Big Boss (deceased)
Fate Living
Quote "Ha ha, we're going to be talkin' 'bout that for a long time!"

Felipe is a male Green Winged Macaw, and is the leader of the Red Macaw Tribe. He has been described as a tough bird who doesn't like strangers, and is fiercely territorial of his home, especially his side of the grove.

He is a minor antagonist, later befriended by the Spix's Macaw Tribe at the end of Rio 2, after assisting them to fight the loggers, and is voiced by Philip Lawrence.


The Red Macaw and Spix's Macaw tribes both have their own side of the Brazil nut grove, since the nuts are scarce. They both also have a rule of no trespassing into each other's territories. Felipe, however, likes to come close to the boundary line to fool around with Eduardo, who is strict about the rules and doesn't think his "games" are funny at all. When Felipe is first seen when he says who's your sidekick to Eduardo and when he saw Blu. When Blu accidentally trespasses the grove later into the Red Macaw Tribe's territory, Felipe and some other red macaws confront him. After Blu unintentionally lets go of a branch which hits him, Felipe's expression changes to angry and sees it as an opportunity to turn things around, so he sets up a challenge; a soccer match at the Pit of Doom to decide who gets control of the entire Brazil nut grove.

During the game, Felipe is an incredibly aggressive player and even knocks out other opposing players from the Spix's Macaw Tribe, all while retaining his agility and scoring for his team. It is clear there's a rivalry sparking between him and Roberto, with both of them fighting at all times for the possession of the ball. When Blu accidentally scores the winning goal for the Red Macaw tribe, Felipe mocks Eduardo for this, as his tribe now possesses the entire Brazil nut grove.

Later on, the Red Macaw Tribe unexpectedly comes to help the Spix's Macaw Tribe fight the loggers. They use Brazil nuts to bombard the loggers and their machines (interestingly, in real life, a Brazil nut can kill if it falls onto someone). He also works together with Roberto to scare them away, showing a possibility of improvement in the tribes' relationship.

The Red Macaw Tribe is also seen dancing along with everyone else during "Amazon Untamed", which may suggest that their territorial rule has been reformed or that Felipe has even decided to share the grove with the Spix's Macaw Tribe again.


Felipe is very proud of originating from the Amazon, and is protective of the area of the jungle his tribe lives in. He is strongly opposed to strangers trespassing on his territory. Felipe likes to mock and intimidate others, and he rarely resorts to peaceful resolutions. He is also a very aggressive player in soccer games, and knocks other players out. He usually speaks in rhymes.


Felipe has red plumage, with yellow and blue wing feathers. Felipe has white facial markings around his eyes, on his cheeks and under his beak, which is white and gray like all Green Winged Macaws. He has a short feather ruffle on his head. Felipe has green eyes.



Felipe likes to taunt Eduardo, calling him "old Eddie", and edging close to the boundary line between their tribes, simply to get a rise out of him. After Blu accidentally wins the game for the Green Winged Macaws, Felipe mocks him further, saying the Blue Macaws will have to start "a nut-free diet". He and his tribe later show up to help fight the loggers, showing that they at least share a common goal in defending their home.


Felipe and Roberto are rivals in soccer, staring each other down, and leading their teams in intimidation routines. They constantly battle over the ball, each taking it from the other several times. After the red and blue macaws succeed in driving away the loggers, Felipe shares a triumphant chest bump with Roberto, suggesting that their rivalry has dissolved, or at least became more friendly.


When Felipe first meets Blu, he mockingly calls him a "sidekick", then asks Eduardo if Blu is his "nurse". When Blu unwittingly trespasses onto red macaw territory, Felipe is angered (even more so when Blu accidentally hits him in the face with a tree branch). During the soccer game, he takes the ball after it bounces off Blu's head, smugly thanking him for the "pass".


  • Dancing
  • Flying
  • Leadership
  • Soccer
  • Rhyming
    • Felipe usually speaks in rhymes.


  • He is one of the Green Winged Macaws seen in a promotional picture with Nigel, Gabi, and Charlie. However, he's is only a minor antagonist who has no relations with Nigel.
  • Felipe was the second bird revealed to be an antagonist for Rio 2. The first one was Nigel.
  • He usually speaks in rhymes.
  • He is the first antagonist who has no relations with Nigel (second if you count Mauro, whom Nigel forced to help him).
  • While Nigel is making his presentation as "Bob the Bird", there is a macaw in the audience that appears to be Felipe, but isn't; the bird in the audience is a Scarlet Macaw.
  • It is possible that Felipe is named after Philip Lawrence, who voices him. "Felipe" is the Portuguese and Spanish alternative of "Philip".
  • The Red Macaw Tribe and the Blue Macaw tribe were seen singing together at the end of the film. But it is unknown if Felipe attended this (because he is not seen or heard), but they possibly now share the grove.
  • Felipe also has both Scarlet and Greenwing macaws in his tribe.


Rio 2

  • "Your side of the grove is looking m-m-m, mighty fine... hey! Your side of the grove is looking m-m-m, mighty fine."
  • "Yo Eddie, who's the sidekick? You got a nurse now?"
  • "Hey relax! You know we got nothing but mad love for you."
  • "C'mon boys, let's fly, paint the sky — before they start to cry."
  • "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"
  • "I guess old Eddie's rules don't apply to everyone."
  • "You're on our side."
  • "You come over here, take our food, and now you insult me?"
  • "You know, I wish I could accept your apology. You seem like a nice bird."
  • "But this means war!"
  • "Today, in the Pit of Doom."
  • "At high noon.Oh, I'll make some room. Sweep you up like a broom!"
  • "Roberto."
  • "Heads."
  • "Ha ha! Yes! In your face!"
  • "Oh, oh — you think you're quick? You ain't quick! This is quick! Ha ha!"
  • "Ah, come on, ref!"
  • "Oh, check it out, old Eddie. Looks like you'll have to start a nut-free diet."
  • "Ha ha, we're going to be talking about that for a long time!"
  • "Yo, old Eddie!"
  • "You think I'd miss this party? Game on!"
  • "Yeah!"

Rio: Match 3 Party

  • "Watch it! I don't like strangers touching me."
  • "I'll hug the wind right out of you, pal!"
  • "What? You challenging me to a game?"
  • "Hey. Hey! Watch where you poke that thing."
  • "When I'm sleepin', don't come peepin'!"


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