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Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games Rio Multiplayer Party Game
Voice Bebel Gilberto
Character information
Species Keel-billed Toucan
Gender Female
Alias Angel
Juicy little mango
Tasty mango
Baby (All r. by Rafael)
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Black body
Cream chest
Turquoise and magenta eyelids
Yellow-green beak
Magenta beak tip
Slightly greenish-blue feet
Eyes Brown
Friends Rafael (mate)
Toucan Kids (sons and daughters)
Fate Living
Quote "You don't fool me for a second."

Eva is a Keel-billed Toucan (unlike her husband, in which he is a Toco Toucan) and Rafael's wife. She is the mother of their 21 chicks. She can't sing very well, yet Rafael thinks he hears beauty in her voice. Both her chicks and her husband are scared of her, presumably because she is really harsh, demanding, and loud. She doesn't mean it, though; she just wants appreciation. Her chicks resemble their father the most (Toco Toucan), except for their cream-colored, red-rimmed lower bellies. She is voiced by Bebel Gilberto in Rio and Rio 2.



Eva makes two short appearances in the first film. When their children are bothering Rafael, he threatens to call their mother and the kids then scurry off of him. He tells Blu and Jewel that they're scared to death of her, and she appears, scaring him, too. When Rafael tells her that he is taking Blu and Jewel to Luiz, she thinks that it is a cover-up so he can sneak off to Carnival. He then sweet-talks her by reminding her of the past romantic times they shared together. Rafael follows up by complimenting her (in reality terrible) singing voice, and they kiss, disgusting their children. She tells him that he can take them to Luiz (but adds for him to hurry back), and he is shocked that she actually let him go. Meanwhile, she tries to get the chicks, who are wanting their father back, under control.

Eva makes a brief appearance at the end of the film, during the "Real in Rio" reprise. She is seen with Rafael and their chicks in their nest in the tree hollow.

Rio 2

Eva is seen dancing with Rafael during the New Year's party. She also takes part in the auditions to participate in the carnival show that Nico and Pedro are preparing. They do not like her voice; Rafael however does and gets her a spot into the show nonetheless, in exchange for her letting him go with Blu and his family to the Amazon.

She is seen singing during the "Amazon Untamed" performance, but is wrapped up in leaves by a group of birds. She then calls to her husband indignantly.


Eva is a Keel-billed Toucan who has a black body and back, and a yellow chest. Her eye color is brown. She has magenta eyelids. Her beak is mostly light green, with a red tip at the end of the beak.


  • Her name was revealed on a McDonald's toy poster in Australia, where it shows that she was one of the toys to get in the collection, along with Kipo [1].
  • Though she has a minor role in the first movie, she plays a main role in the video game Rio Multiplayer Party Game! and is also a playable character.
  • The "Amazon or Bust!" clip reveals that she let Rafael join the Spix's Macaw Family on their trip to the Amazon in exchange for a spot in Rafael, Nico, and Pedro's Carnival show.
  • During the auditions in Rio 2, she's seen wearing a Carmen Miranda-style hat, consisting of flowers (and has smaller birds perched on it).
  • Bebel Gilberto voices Eva in both English and Portuguese Versions since she is a famous Brazilian singer.
    • This is ironic as Eva is shown to be a rather terrible singer.
  • Eva is mentioned when Rafael is never returning home for dinner



  • "Call me for what?!"
  • "Luiz? Huh, you don't fool me for a second!"
  • "You and your amigos just want to sneak off to Carnival."
  • "Okay, take them to Luiz, but hurry back."
  • "Oh, me too, my pudgy papaya."
  • "Hey! Marco, Carlos, put your brother down, now!"

Rio 2

  • "Rafie!"
  • "You'd better."
  • "Tchau tchau! (meaning "Bye Bye" in Portuguese [2]) Bye, boys!"

Rio 2: The Junior Novel

  • "So am I going to be in your Carnival production this year? hmmm?"


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