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Claira Infobox.png
Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Voice Claira Titman
Character information
Species Capybara
Gender Female
Feather/Hair/ Skin color Light brown body
Eyes Hazel
Friends Rafael
Enemies Loggers
Fate Living
Likes Singing

Claira is a Capybara who appears in the second Rio 2 teaser trailer, as well as the movie, during the Amazon Untamed auditions.


Claira is one of the contestants in Rafael, Pedro, Nico, and Carla's auditions. She introduces herself, and the four react with an "aww,". Claira begins signing an extract of "Memory," but then a black jaguar leaps out of a bush, swallowing her whole. Rafael, Pedro, Nico and Carla scream in terror, but Claira then begins singing from inside the jaguar, proving that she somehow survived. Pedro, slightly offended by the jaguar's rude interruption, says that if they keep eating each other, they've got "no show", adding "This ain't an all-you-can-eat competition!".

The same jaguar later surprises and terrifies one of the loggers during the battle against them. Claira suddenly flies out of the jaguar's mouth, yelling, "Attack!" and then the animals of the Amazon join the macaws in their siege on the loggers. As the loggers flee, Claira is seen celebrating.

Teaser Trailer

She appears in the second teaser trailer of Rio 2 dropped through Yahoo! Movies. The promotional video is not a plot-revealing one, instead entertaining fans with the musical performance of the cute Capybara named Claira.

The little creature is featured delivering a rendition of "Memory" from the 1981 musical Cats in front of Rafael, Nico, and Pedro, until a black jaguar shows up and eats her. Undaunted, Claira keeps singing from inside the jaguar, prompting Nico to say, "Now that's a duet!"



  • "Hi! My name is Claira the Capybara, and I'm here to sing my favorite song."
  • "Memory... All alone in the moonlight..."
  • *voice echoing from inside the jaguar* "Toouuuccchhh meeeeeee!!!!! It's so EASY to leave meeeeeee! All alone..."
  • "Attack!"
  • "Hi, my name is Claira the Capybara, and that's the end!"