Infobox-Capoeira Turtle
Capoeira Turtles
Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games Matching Game
Voice Jim Conroy (male)
Character information
Species Turtle
Gender One Male/One Female
Feather/Hair/Skin color Green and Brown scales
Eyes Green
Fate Living
Quote "We are the amazing Capoeira turtles."

The Capoeira Turtles are minor and cameo characters in Rio 2. They are among the applicants who entered Carla, Rafael, Pedro and Nico's "Amazon Untamed" audition. They were seen twice throughout the movie - at the audition and during the confrontation with the loggers. Only the male turtle speaks (voiced by Jim Conroy).


The Capoeira Turtles were first seen introducing themselves to the four judges. They perform varieties of hand gestures and movement, all of which are done in extremely slow motion. Their performance lasts for so long that Nico, Carla, Rafael, and Pedro go to sleep even before they could finish the show. The turtle couple ends up falling down to the ground, likely to be disqualified from Amazon Untamed Carnival show.

Later, when the birds of Amazon Rainforest confront with the loggers to try to save their habitat, Rafael, Pedro, Nico and Carla drop them from the sky, precisely hitting the heads of two loggers. Once they are both on their feet, they go for a high-five in their usual slow-motion way. The hand gesture is completely executed by the time when all the loggers (except for Big Boss) are driven away.


Rio 2

  • Capoeira Turtle: "We are the amazing Capoeira turtles."
  • Capoeira Turtle: "High five!"

Rio: Match 3 Party

  • "We'll teach you to keep cool."
  • "High five! Again. Again! Okay, one more."
  • "Try this. It's pretty safe."
  • "Care to join us in meditation?"
  • "Don't wobble. Don't wobble. Concentrate."
  • "A lot of Capoeira moves start with a handshake."
  • "Your moves are so... so fast..."
  • "Here, check out these cool Capoeira moves."
  • "You can learn a lot from someone's hands."
  • "This is how we Capoeira say hello."
  • "A firm friendship is born from a firm handshake."




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