Background information
Feature films
Video games Angry Birds Rio
Character information
Species Oriole
Gender Male
Alias Globe Bird
The Balloon Bird
Feather/Hair/Skin color Orange
Eyes Black
Friends Blu

Jim, Jay and Jake (brothers)
Stella (sister)
Terence (uncle)
Mighty Eagle
Trapped Bird
Neurotic Bird

Enemies Nigel
Fate Living
Quote "Wuuurp!"

Bubbles the Orange Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced late in 2011 and is the third bird not originally part of the Flock.


Little is known about Bubbles' personality and demeanor at this time, although judging from his sprite sheet in the games, he appears to be quite cheerful and, from the Ham'o'ween Short Movie, oblivious to events happening around him. The only time he has gotten angry is when candy was stolen from him, hinting he has a gigantic appetite.


Little is known about Bubbles’ history before he met The Flock. When first seen, he was inadvertently and obliviously captured by Pigs while he ate their Halloween candy. The Blues were the first to see him and followed the Pigs in disguise to their fortress with the intent on rescuing him. However, Bubbles was able to free himself and defeat the King Pig when the greedy pig attempted to eat the piece of candy he wanted to eat. This so enraged Bubbles that he ballooned up to a ginormous size and pinned the King Pig. This may have been the first time he used this ability.

The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions.

At an indeterminate time, the Flock was captured as rare birds and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they fought with Blu, Jewel and their friends against Nigel the cockatoo and Mauro and his marmosets. Bubbles did not appear originally in Rio, but arrived much later after the others, so it is possible he was not captured originally and made his way to Rio to help rescue The Flock.

In addition to Rio, Bubbles has also traveled to the People's Republic of China to celebrate the Mooncake Festival.

In another adventure, many of the Flock were whisked into Space via a wormhole, gained super powers and fought the Space King and the Space Pigs. Matilda and Hal appear to have been left behind on the island to protect the eggs.


Bubbles first appeared in Angry Birds Seasons episode Ham'o'ween and has appeared sporadically since in Angry Birds Rio and the Classic Angry Birds games.

Bubbles inflates explosively like a balloon when a player taps the screen or clicks their mouse (depending on the version of the game they are playing) however, unlike Bomb, its expansion doesn't displace all the objects within its blast radius, rather, it forcefully expels the objects closest to it but objects just slightly hit at the extent of the inflation will barely move and even stay in place. This makes him most effective when he lands right next to the desired target, as even though it may hit objects further out, it does little to nothing against them.

Although it expands to a huge size, its strength doesn't change when flying. When the player taps the screen while the bird is flying, it appears as it would cause great damage, but it does minimal damage when fired this way.

When Bubbles expands within an enclosed space or crevice smaller than itself, it will quickly push itself outward until it has room.

Bubbles does not appear in any of the Web-based games, even if he appeared in the original episode prior to its addition to Angry Birds Chrome. It is most likely that he is not included because he was not in the original sprite sheets. By removing him, the original sheets can be used for all Web-based games.


Bubbles has appeared in the following games:

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Space (as Atom Bird)
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Trilogy (only in The Anger Management Pack)


  • He can destroy objects if ihe comes into contact with one while deflating.
  • He seems to notemit a pain noise but actually, if you can hear it, Bubbles emits pain noises.
  • Bubbles' family was unknown until 2012, where it's revealed that his mother is Matilda and his father is Red. Stella and the Blues are his siblings.