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Blue Macaw Books.png
Blue Macaw Books
Background information
Type Bookstore
Location Moose Lake, Minnesota
Inhabitants Linda Gunderson (formerly)
Blu (formerly)

Blue Macaw Books is a location featured in Rio, and the former business and home of Blu and Linda. It features a picture on the bookstore's window of a blue feather, resembling one of Blu's.

Role in Rio

When Blu was smuggled from the Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro as a young chick, he ended up in a truck that drove him through the snowy town of Moose Lake in Minnesota. The crate he was in was tossed out of the truck when the driver briefly lost control at a stoplight. A young girl named Linda found Blu and decided to take care of him. After fifteen years, Linda was in the book-selling business, together with Blu as her companion. One fateful day, their morning starts with the grown-up Linda woken up by Blu's imitation of a car and alarm clock's sounds. They brush their teeth, eat breakfast, and prepare the store for the morning. They log into a computer, Blu then turns the sign to "Open" and he and Linda do one of their special "fist bumps" together. Linda offers Blu hot chocolate (which is toxic to all species of birds in real life), and then Alice & Chloe show up throwing snowballs at the store's window, mocking him. Sometime after, Tulio arrives and explains to Linda that Blu is the last male of his species and must travel to Rio de Janeiro to mate with Jewel, the last female of their kind, to save their species.

Finally, a photo in the end credits shows Linda, Tulio, and Fernando, who have come together as a family, opening up Livraria Blu, a Brazilian version of the bookstore, this time with two crossed feathers printed on the window, meant to reference Blu and Jewel's union, with one light blue feather representing Jewel, and one dark blue feather representing Blu.


The upper level of the bookstore is where Blu and Linda live. It features a bathroom, a kitchen, their bedroom, and Blu's toy car.

The ground level of the store is where they do business. It features shelved books, shelves for books, a globe, a desk, Linda's Computer, and has a similar style to a library. There is also a cage for Blu in the library.


  • This is the only location featured in Moose Lake, Minnesota. However, a Bakery on the left and a Village Cafe on the right of the bookstore are shown briefly.
  • The book Blu was reading before he had his hot chocolate was an airplane book called "Population Rechange" which features types of old-fashioned models of planes.
  • The bookstore is featured in the first three levels of Rio: The Video Game.
    • However, it's only on DS.
  • When the Livraria Blu was opened, Linda probably closed Blue Macaw Books and/or someone else made a new business.
  • When Linda and Blu were logging onto their computer, the computer screen featured them dressed as pirates.
  • The login on the computer is "BLUBIRD" and the password is "92v]ia".
  • This is where Blu spent the first 15 years of his life.
    • It was originally planned by Linda that they would come back home after their trip to Rio de Janeiro, but she refused to do that at the end of Rio. It could be because of the Livraria Blu bookstore in Rio, the fact that Blu liked Jewel, the fact she liked Rio better, and the fact that she liked Tulio. The official reason is unknown, it could even be all four of them.
  • The parking space for Blu's Toy Car is the only place aside from the Blu Bird Sanctuary sign and end credits where Blu's name is seen in word form.
  • This is the first place where something was named after Blu in his honor.
  • In the movie, Linda gives Blu a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies. In real life, hot chocolate and the chips in the cookies are toxic to all species of birds and animals. [1].
  • In the novel, instead of Alice & Chloe mocking him, he loses a game of Jenga while playing with Linda due to a doorbell ring from Tulio.
  • Before the novel came out, instead of in the bookstore and Jenga blocks that Linda and Blu were playing, he was at the vet instead, but this was a long time ago.
  • Blue Macaw Books makes a cameo in Rio 2 in a photo on Linda and Tulio's Refrigerator.


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