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Blu using his GPS navigator:"Thanks a lot, GPS lady!"

Blu's GPS Navigator is an object from Rio 2. It is one of the items inside Blu's fanny pack.

Role in Rio 2

The GPS was featured in the movie several times. Blu tried to use the GPS navigator for the flight to the Amazon Rainforest, but the device was defective, failing to recognize his voice commands and sending the family in circles all over Brazil, until Jewel intervened.

When Blu and his family arrive at the Amazon, Blu uses the GPS to try to locate Linda and Tulio, as well as find and mark the location of the Spix's Macaw Tribe. Later in the film, however, he leaves the GPS at Linda and Tulio's camp, deciding to leave behind his human items and live wild with Jewel and the tribe.

Ultimately, the GPS was run over by a bulldozer, and most likely destroyed.


Blu: "Find Linda and Tulio."

GPS: "Searching for dinner in Tokyo."

GPS: "Heavy traffic ahead."

Blu: "Thanks a lot, GPS lady!"

GPS: "You have reached your destination."

Blu: "Come on lady, don't let me down!"

GPS: "Calculating route to Funkytown..."

GPS: "Irritating driving. Pull-pull-pull over."

GPS: "Turn around when possible."