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Blu trying to cut a Brazil nut with his knife.

The All-in-one Adventurer's Knife is an object from Rio 2. It is one of the items that Blu put in his fanny pack when making preparations for their journey to the Amazon.

Role in Rio 2

Blu snatching his knife back from Tiago.

Blu pointing the spork at Rafael

Throughout the film, this portable Swiss army knife is seen occasionally. The first time the knife is seen is when Tiago pulls it out from Blu's fanny pack. When Blu is startled by the dangerous assortment of tools that Tiago reveals, Blu immediately snatches it away from Tiago and puts it away in his fanny pack.

The knife was first used when Blu was abruptly snatched by a camouflaged Spix's Macaw who had, in fact, brought him to the Spix's Macaw Tribe's sanctuary. After tumbling to a halt, Blu pulls out the knife's spork and points it toward the camouflaged macaw first, saying "Be afraid! Be very afraid!". He then whirls around to see Rafael, who jumps back when he sees the spork, then convinces Blu to lower the spork. After a moment of confusion, Blu reluctantly puts the knife back into his fanny pack.

Later in Rio 2, Blu uses the knife it to attempt to cut a Brazil nut from a tree branch. After a few tries, in which he tried to utilize a variety of tools, including a pair of scissors, a spork and a knife in order to cut it from the branch, the branch was apparently too tough to cut. Out of frustration, he pulls at it with his beak, but a sudden streak of red flashes by, presumably a member of the Scarlet Macaw Tribe, startling him and interrupting his attempt to cut the branch.

During the decisive battle against the loggers, Blu, assisted by his son, Tiago, and his father-in-law, Eduardo, use the screwdriver in the knife to pry open the latches on a bulldozer's engine paneling, then jam in a tree branch, successfully causing the engine to stall and halt.


Tiago pulling out all the tools

These are the all tools from the All-in-one Adventurer's Knife that were seen in the movie.

  • a magnifying glass
  • a pair of scissors
  • a knife
  • a spork
  • a rasp
  • a saw
  • a corkscrew


  • The All-in-one Adventurer's knife has been featured in one of Rio 2's promotional posters, weaponized by Tiago.

    Tiago pointing the spork at the antagonists

  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, the knife does not actually feature a knife among its implements.