Alice and Chloe
Alice (left) & Chloe (right)
Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Jane Lynch (Alice)
Wanda Sykes (Chloe)
Character information
Species Canada Geese
Gender Female (both)
Feather/Hair/Skin color Brown bodies
Beige chests
Black heads
White throats
Black necks
Eyes Brown
Enemies Blu
Fate Living
Quote Chloe
"Well, well, if it isn't my favorite nerd bird." (referring to Blu)
"Hey, pet! Where ya migrating to this year? The breakfast nook?" (to Blu)

Alice & Chloe are a pair of female Canada Geese that appear in Rio as minor characters. They live in Moose Lake, Minnesota. These geese mock Blu daily for being a pet and a "nerd bird". While it isn't mentioned in the film, they are sisters. Their names were not spoken in the film, but are shown in the end credits. Alice is voiced by Jane Lynch, and Chloe is voiced by Wanda Sykes.


Alice & Chloe only have a small scene in Rio, where they mock Blu by calling him a "nerd bird", a "pet", and by throwing snowballs at him (although the snowballs hit the glass of the bookstore's window). They laugh at everything he says, even mocking him when he says, "Throw all the snowballs you want. I'm protected by this magical force field called glass! It's what keeps us so toasty and warm in here, while you guys are out there freezing your—" by mooning him then laugh again. Then Tulio Monteiro frightens them off after slipping on ice and hitting their bench.


Alice and Chloe both look alike, the only difference being that Chloe is slightly taller than Alice. They have brown bodies, beige chests, black head, neck feathers, and white throats.


Not much is known about them, other than the fact that Alice and Chloe are immature and appreciate each other as sisters.


  • Wanda Sykes (voice of Chloe) is seen at the beginning of a special feature called "Saving one species at a time" saying "You should go to Rio!". However, she never said this in the actual film.
  • They throw snowballs at Blu while he's drinking hot chocolate, however, it is toxic to all animals including birds.
    • They also say "Hey, where ya migrating to? The Breakfast Nook?" Although factually it can be served anytime in cold winter.


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