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Miejsce zamieszkania

Brazylia, Rio de Janeiro


Tukan wielki


Eva (żona)
21 dzieci



Kolor oczu


Kolor piór

czarny, biały

Polski dubbing

Miłogost Reczek

Amerykański dubbing

George Lopez

Rafael is the husband of eva and father of their twenty one kids.

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Rio[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rafael is a toucan bird and a real lover one that that ladies couldn't resist kissing during carnival which some call him the king of but one after another not one of them broke the barrier around his heart during one night in Rio de Janeiro how ever as he was dancing with his friends nico and pedro he heard awful singing but actually thought it good and when he found the source he saw a beautiful female toucan glittering in the moon light dancing rafael started to dowel until pedal said will go talk to her he than walked and nudged her on the shoulder she than said her name was Eva who was practicing for next year she claimed to knew about him rafi than danced with her as a song called the girl from ipamea started when they finished he was about to kiss her when eva pulled away and was about to go when he pulled her in to a passionate kiss which she happily accepted and as he stroked her virgin hole she whispered rafi not in public so they went to his nest and after climaxing from thrusting her butt with his cock she sung a few seconds for him and rafael surprisingly said it was sweeter than honey and eva overjoyed some one like him would say that about her voice engaged him in another kiss with them making love despite having only meet and not long after the two had over twenty one children..

Rio 2[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Years later rafael and his wife had an argument and became distant for a while until he came up with a idea to get back on her good side so one night he lured her in to their room and locked the door behind her, and after a talk and telling her she he was sorry eva mode started to change as a smile formed around her face he than turned her around and stating since the kids are asleep lets have some fun and with that he lifted her in to their bed and as they kissed eva pulled out his member and they fucked not to get her pregnant again as they couldn't handle any more.

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