Name   -   Eva
Alter   -   ca. 20
Farbe   -   Schwarz-Weiß
Rasse   -   Fischertukan
Geschlecht   -   Weiblich
Gesprochen von   -   Bebel Gilberto (en)
Eva is the wife of Rafael and better known as the queen of carnival.

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Eva had dreamed of being in carnival but was always turned down by the judges because of her not so sweet voice.Than one night whilst preparing for next year on a roof she meet Rafael who introduced him self and soon after they danced. She was than twirled and asked to sing for him eva didn't rather or not to but she did. Rafael surprisingly through it was beautiful like her, he than rubbed eva cloacal a bit and they soon enough flew to his nest and shared a passionate kiss. When eva and rafael finished she told him to push out his pennies which rafael happily did before telling her to come here baby before Rafael and eva made love despite having only meet three weeks later she was invited over and rafael picked her up and shoved his cock in to her virgin hole strongly and eva liked it a lot and after they'd cum in each other they confessed they loved each other and had their most passionate kiss yet.